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Trusting The Fool Tarot Card

the fool tarot card

Trusting The Fool Tarot Card

This Major Arcana Fool Tarot card is all about being fearless, optimistic and having trust in yourself within a situation. Being pulled inverted, it can also represent being in fear and dealing with issues of trusting your own insight and definitely not trusting others. When I see this card in a reading, depending on what it is supported by and the subject matter, it usually means a great leap into unknown for the person he is representing.

This card is one of potential, new beginnings and sometimes naïve innocence. It shows you reaching to another level for your learning lessons in life, a state of renewal and new beginnings. It beckons you to take risks and make each day an adventure and each moment trusting your instincts to the fullest. The Fool card is also the beginning of new creativity and a desire to become more than what you are experiencing in life at the moment and start the process of accomplishing new goals. He also gives you a heads up that anything can happen if you trust the process and opportunities are just waiting to be taken advantage of.

It also shows up in a relationship reading when a person has given their power away to someone and is experiencing a lot of fear in trusting their choices. The Fool enhances courage, risk-taking and stepping out of your safety zone to open up new emotions, feelings and behavior in your life. The Fool is generally considered a positive card but with caution. The warning being that it is important to take time to be sure that you are looking where you’re going. Trusting yourself to take a step into the unknown is one thing but doing so without any thought of your own wellbeing does not usually end well.

Career, Love, Finances, Health, Spiritual

When this card is pulled in Career, it may indicate that other people seem to not understand or support your input in your job. Sometimes indicating a requisite to check on your feelings of being less than, is not about being stubborn and the need to be right. Since the Fool tarot card represents taking risks, it can also mean that the time could be right for you to go off on your own and start your own business. That’s a scary prospect for most people but if it’s something that you’ve been idly considering then the Fool means you should be giving it serious consideration.

When the Fool card is pulled in a Love relationship, it can indicate that you aren’t ready for a commitment but think you are. Suggesting that you might rethink the foundations of what you really have. Is it just for short term fun or does it really have serious potential. It also represents a naïve outlook on how you trust your own instincts and the person you are involved with. This card shows up inverted a lot when there has been a betrayal of trust in the relationship.

When it comes to Finances, the Fool tarot card is an extremely positive signal of an increase in prosperity. Dreaming big and having unexpected windfalls show up. Perhaps more importantly the Fool lets you know that no matter what happens financially, you will be all right in the long run. You will come out on top. Pulled inverted, it can also mean you are being foolish with your money and need to become more responsible on how you handle it.

Where Health is concerned, this card shows that your health is very likely to be on the upswing. If you’re having health problems, you will find the people and items you need to make headway toward a full recovery. When pulled inverted, it can indicate that you are taking too lightly a health issue and should deal with it more responsibly.

In the Spiritual context, you are likely to be in or nearing a period of being more open to seek out divine connection outside of the norm. Trying meditation for the first time, yoga or sometimes considering a new approach to how you define what spiritualty is. You may have a desire to try out lots of different methods to spirituality to see how they fit for you personally. If you are not yet exploring spiritual possibilities then this card can indicate a powerful need to gain a deeper knowledge of spirituality. Your friends and family may not understand where this is coming from but regardless of their attitude, you have to do what is best for you.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

This is another Major Arcana card that always indicates to me growth is about to take place. A yearning inside to reach for the magic, learn what it is feels like to be fearless and do it with the innocence of someone who jumps from a scary high place, not knowing for sure if that net is there to catch you. The Fool tarot card pushes us to learn the tools to believe and have the trust to KNOW that net is always there, regardless of how far you fall.

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Originally posted Mar 8, 2018.

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