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Tuesday Interactive Tarot Reading Jan 18th 2022

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Here is your interactive tarot reading for today. Look at the image above and relax, focus on the first card that draws you in and that card will connect with your personal energy.


Once you have picked your card, you can scroll down to see it revealed then read the information for today that carries your journey with it.






Tarot Card Draw #1: The Lovers, reversed

When The Lovers reversed comes up in your draw, this indicates an impending struggle of some sort. However, it is important to remember that even though the name of this card seemingly points towards something in your romantic life, it is not necessarily indicative of your relationship. This card depicts a choice that must be made, and it is incredibly difficult for you. If you have recently been presented with a conflict, be sure to clear your mind of any stress or potential bias, and weigh out your options with a clear head. If you feel a strong pull towards one direction, try to think about why you feel that pull. Every one of us has our own strong intuition, but we must learn how to use it properly. Sometimes we might want something so badly, even though we know it is the wrong choice, but yet when we try to weigh out our options, we feel that pull simply because it is what we have wanted. Take the time to be completely certain that you are not feeling the pull towards one specific choice just because that is what you want for yourself, and if you still have that feeling you need to trust it. That is your intuition telling you which way to go. Remember also to be more open minded when viewing the cards in your draw. Take some time to think about the cards and your own personal situation to be certain that it fits where you are trying to make it fit. For example, if you see this card come up and you automatically attribute it to your romantic feelings towards two different partners, but maybe you also have recently been presented with a potential career change, or maybe you are trying to decide on a path of study. When any decision must be made, the best course of action is to find a dark, quiet place where you can be completely alone. Some soft, gentle music is acceptable but nothing more. Scented candles also help the thought process. Close your eyes and truly visualize your choice. The right path will be shown to you, but it is up to you to follow.

Tarot Card Draw #2: Six of Wands

On the face of the Six of Wands is a victorious hunter holding his kill proudly above his head with the villagers celebrating behind him. This Is an amazing card to get in a daily draw as everything about it screams great things. Among the fantastic indications of the Six of Wands are overly supportive people, your own personal cheerleader(s) as you work toward a goal or make a presentation as well as fans and well-wishers. When this card turns up for you in the upright position, it heralds victory is at hand, triumphant success, high achievements, winning and having the upper hand. It can also indicate you taking on the role of a leader, finding yourself in the spotlight, fame, celebrity, much confidence and self-esteem. If you have been dealing with struggles such as trying to get your own business up and running, attaining a higher position in your career or seeking fame, the Six of Wands will fall for you to let you know success, praise and acclaim are on the horizon. It also signifies praise, awards, recognition, applause and goodwill. Lastly, this card speaks of strength, stability and victory in battle. Hold your head up high, be proud and go forward with confidence.

Tarot Card Draw #3: King of Cups, reversed

If you find yourself dealing in any kind of negotiations such as for employment benefits, financial dealings or other matters in which you must plead your case and the King of Cups comes up reversed in your daily draw, he is there to urge you to take more of a stand on your own behalf. This gentleman says that no one can fight for you better than you and more often than not, no one will make things simply happen for you. The reversed King of Cups is telling you it is time to stand up for yourself, take charge and plead your own case. This card will turn up if you have been acting in an overly emotional or weak sense. It indicates a lack of emotional maturity and screams of the fact you will, if not already, be taken advantage of if you do not step up and take a stand for yourself and what you deserve. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed but do not understand just why, this card will turn up to suggest you do an emotional well-being check on yourself. It is highly probable that your emotions are just too scattered for you to think clearly. This reversed King also tells women that we must take full responsibility for our emotional state and should not blame hormones or it simply being “that time of the month”. That time comes every month, for many like clockwork. Learn it and learn how to deal with it effectively so you can maintain a healthy emotional balance. It is possible. For men who cannot seem to get their own lives together, this King will come up urging you to get your emotions right as well. Men suffer emotional swings just as women do, some can be just as extreme, and learning to deal with them positively will go a long way in helping to create a good and balanced life for yourself. Alternatively, for men and women alike, this card may come up to bring your attention to some of your own negative behaviors such as acting in a controlling or manipulative fashion. Possibly you have been rather harsh to others and treating them in an uncaring or unkind manner, or possibly being outright abusive. You must let go of the bitterness you carry.

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    1. Patricia, I very much appreciate your enthusiasm as well as the time you invested in not only reading today’s post, but to comment as well.
      Many blessings.
      Tamara x827

  1. Thank you tremendously for reading the Tuesday daily Tarot draw, Tammy, and taking time to comment. It would be incredibly rare for everything written for any given card to apply to you, sweetie, so that is natural. As long as you are able to take something positive or maybe a “lesson learned” from your chosen card, that is why we provide these daily draws. Regarding what else you wrote, hon, I believe one of the absolute most difficult things we have to do as humans is forgive, but forgiveness is more for those of us who have been wronged rather than for the person who wronged us. Chances are, the person (people) who have wronged us have not even given it another thought but rather simply moved on. Not being able to forgive that person is, “like drinking poison while hoping the other person dies.” I cannot recall who said it first, but I have grown up hearing that and it is so true. I even wrote a 7thSense Spiritual Story on this very thing over two years ago that I invite you to read when you get a chance: https://www.7thsensepsychics.com/stories/who-really-benefits-from-forgiveness/

    Thank you, again, and blessings, sweetie.
    Tamara x827