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Tuesday Interactive Tarot Reading – Nov 3rd 2020

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Here is your interactive tarot reading for today. Look at the image above and relax, focus on the first card that draws you in and that card will connect with your personal energy.


Once you have picked your card, you can scroll down to see it revealed then read the information for today that carries your journey with it.






Today is election day in the United States. This is undoubtedly the absolute most contentious presidential election of my lifetime, if not the last 100+ years. It is definitely the most terrifying. This past weekend, a great many businesses in larger cities across the U.S. were boarding up their storefronts in anticipation of people losing their minds and becoming violent depending on which way the election goes this week. But I’m not talking politics today.

Despite the fact Texas is pretty backwoods (behind the times) compared to most states in the U.S., I am a proud born and raised Texan before I am anything else. I absolutely love it here.

Every single day, I interact with clients all over the world including just recently live chats with two different people in Iraq. I love that. I love that the internet has brought us all so much closer together. I enjoy hearing a bit about the different countries and regions all over the world. But I gotta say, I would not change my own heritage for any amount of money, despite the fact I often have to hide who I truly am (a practicing Christian Witch) or face being burned at the stake … I’m only half-kidding. 😊

There is an old saying that I absolutely love: “Bloom where you are planted.” I’m trying. I really am trying.

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Tarot Card Draw #1: The World

If The World turns up for you in a daily draw, it may mean “the world is at your feet” or you are currently – or will very soon be — in a position of limitless potential, surrounded by opportunities. When the world turns up for you, it is time to take full advantage of all the many doors being opened up to you in all areas of your life, especially professionally. The World coming up may also indicate travel, especially to destinations at a great distance. This card could also indicate new worlds being opened up to you in much the same way as I wrote briefly of in the intro with me having live interactions with clients all over the world. This could be through you literally traveling the world or just interacting with foreigners virtually/digitally through the miracle that is the world wide web. The World card represents a culmination of sorts. You have overcome the many overwhelming tests and stressors of the previous major arcana cards and have hopefully grown from it and learned as much as you can. Now is the time to reap the rewards of your struggles and through The World, many new opportunities are being presented to you and success is at hand. The potential is endless. Take pride in how far you have come and the obstacles you have surmounted. Pat yourself on the back and welcome what lay ahead. It has been a rough go for a while, but now is the time to just enjoy all of your hard work and what you have achieved. The World often represents the achievements of major life milestones such as graduations, a wedding, starting a family after much struggle, landing that highly sought-after job or buying that way over-priced new car that you earned yourself. It may represent major achievements such as starting your own business, completing a seemingly impossible task or goal, buying that house on the hill that always seemed so far out of reach. This card speaks of completion or culmination of your continued hard work and efforts of the recent past but it also warns that you not allow yourself to get too wrapped up in the good things as they can be stripped away just as quickly. With major success comes a whole new set of challenges and problems such as maintaining the new status quo. There is a popular saying, “More money, more problems.” Do not allow this newfound success to lead you to take on more than you can handle or may not be ready for. Be realistic and keep yourself in check. If The World turns up for you in a daily draw, know that spirit, God, the gods, the universe, whomever your higher power may be is smiling down upon you. It is your time! Enjoy, but make the best of it and use it wisely. Do not squander it.

Tarot Card Draw #2: Queen of Pentacles

When I just glance or initially look at the upright Queen of Pentacles, I think of a rich woman sitting out in her yard in a throne version of a lawn chair. Not quite as opulent as an actual throne, but far more fancy than any regular piece of lawn furniture. Our lovely lady seems happy and is holding up a coin (pentacle) as if to say this can be yours if you truly desire it and are willing to do what needs to be done to attain it and always keep it real (keep yourself in check and don’t get the big head). Personally, I believe we each should strive to be as much like the Queen of Pentacles as possible, men and women alike. She is a financially secure and independent woman whom many would consider rich, but she is also very down to earth and never forgets how quickly and easily the tides can turn and fortunes and security can be lost. She is a people person and never allows wealth or status to go to her head or cloud her judgement. She will come up for you in a financial/work/business reading or daily draw to show you what is possible as long as you keep it real, do not fall victim to the dark side of money and are willing to simply do what needs to be done to attain the wealth and security you desire. Through her, we see that it is possible to have it all. Many working mothers can relate to that as we struggle daily with trying to balance work, money, family, home and the many other obligations. But by maintaining the right mind set and diligent as well as consistent effort, all that you desire is well within your grasp.

Tarot Card Draw #3: Queen of Wands

The lovely Queen of Wands turning up in your daily draw or any other tarot spread can be somewhat of a double-edge sword. She speaks of successfully handling multiple tasks at once but at the same time, she warns of taking on too much and possibly becoming overwhelmed. On the upside, this lovely lady speaks of being able to maintain and accomplish several projects or tasks at once while still remaining high in energy and fully capable of taking on even more. The Queen of Wands talks of an outgoing and overly optimistic frame of mind or of a person, usually a woman, who is such. She is always full of energy and constantly on the go. Be it for you or another female about whom you may be asking, this card talks of her accomplishing many tasks. She constantly has many projects in the works and is often full of surprises. Rarely does she need external stimulants to maintain this lifestyle such as medications, prescribed and otherwise, rather her extremely high energy level is all-natural. Some people may find interacting with such a woman to be tiresome and even overwhelming at times. She never knows when to stop. This card often represents a take-charge kind of woman, never one to sit on the sidelines or just simply go along for the ride. She’s all-too-often the one driving the bus. She never sits idly by as life passes her along. Women represented by this lovely queen are usually very well-organized and always going above and beyond to help others. She is efficient and almost always on time complete with bells on. As briefly mentioned above, the Queen of Wands may also turn up in a daily draw or tarot spread warning of creating a chaotic situation for yourself by trying to take on too much. It warns of forgetfulness due to taking on more than you can handle at any given time.

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