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“Twilight Star” Robert Pattinson Is Surprised To Learn You Still Like Him

“Twilight Star” Robert Pattinson Is Surprised To Learn You Still Like Him

“Twilight Star” Robert Pattinson Is Surprised To Learn You Still Like Him

Robert Pattinson pleads ignorance when the paparazzi is storming the front of his hotel. “I just came in and they weren’t there,” he said, playfully defiant. “I’m almost certain it’s not about me, though.” “I go in and out, and I’m like, ’They’re not following! It’s clearly someone else,’” he said, almost proud at the realization that maybe there’s somebody more sought-after in the building. He knows the familiar dance according to a GQ profile published last week, riding around in the trunks of cars and parked rental vehicles in case he needed to make a quick getaway. He’s depressingly well-trained in the art of paparazzi circumvention. He usually tries the semi-incognito look when interviewing sitting in a discreet corner of a restaurant or hotel bar. He is still surprised when talk shows want to book him to promote his new movies, paparazzi want to take his pictures and fans still line up to meet him but having learned from the past to never underestimate the power of the media, he still suffers from both fan and paparazzi PTSD.

“I do sort of live in my own world a lot of the time,” he said. “I’m pretty ignorant. It’s funny ― I’ve basically, as far as I can tell, been really under the radar for years. I’m kind of surprised at it all. […] I thought I had really reached a hyper-saturation point. And also, I think you just keep repeating yourself all the time, and you need to re-form yourself before you have anything to say. I didn’t have anything to say for years. I still don’t really have anything to say.” He is now promoting his new film Good Time and because of its content, it shows that Patterson refuses to be pigeon holed into any sort of Hollywood box. “Good Time,” is a grubby indie drama in which Pattinson plays Connie, a mostly irredeemable goon flitting through Queens, trying to evade the police after robbing a bank with his deaf, mentally challenged younger brother, Nick (Benny Safdie, who co-directed the movie with his brother, Joshua). This is probably the fiercest performance of Pattinson’s career, which has taken him from “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,” “Water for Elephants” and four of those uber-famous vampire flicks to the comparatively obscure art-house scene.

He has read over 400 scripts over the last five years since the Twilight series was over. He can’t define his taste, not even to his agents: “I’m only looking for things that surprise me, really.” He wants to play the last person you think he’d play. That’s “harder” today, he confirmed, than it was in 2008, when the inaugural “Twilight” movie opened. Thankfully, his paychecks from that Twilight roll has helped him to pick and choose the independent projects he becomes interested in. He earned $25 million along with 7.5 percent of the theatrical grosses for the two-part Breaking Dawn. It was news to Pattison to find out an executive from the studio, which distributed the “Twilight” films made the statement, “there are a lot more stories to be told” in the series, assuming author Stephenie Meyer is keen. “Well, you never know.” ” It did inspire me at the time. And, really, it’s kind of awesome. It’s the way people interpret it. People would excuse you for not taking something seriously if it becomes this mainstream thing and everyone’s fiending. I took it just as seriously — more seriously — than other things I’ve done. It looks like Pattison might just be given the chance to see just how many people still are interested in him if he decides to take a role in a possible new Twilight movie.

It Is Difficult For An Actor To Redefine Their Skills After Being Identified By One Movie Character

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

Pattison seems to have a quirky attitude about his chosen career of acting. It sounds like he is trying very hard to undo his “Edward” persona in his new acting roles.

The Empress: A woman who is nurturing and caretaking but demands to be the center of attention and have it all. I feel this card shows his relationships are very important to him and he makes them a priority when he is in one.

Nine of Cups:

Having your wishes fulfilled and contentment. He is at a place in his life feeling very blessed and lucky to have had the opportunities given to him but he takes his success all in stride.

Princess of Cups: Inverted (Upside Down)
New creativity wanted and the inner child needing attention. Regardless of how smooth Pattison comes across about being surprised that anyone is interested in him anymore after five years, I believe he does miss the big star hoopla that came with the Twilight series.

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