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UK Supermarket Giant Is Now Giving All Unsold Food to Charity

UK Supermarket Giant Is Now Giving All Unsold Food to Charity

UK Supermarket Giant Is Now Giving All Unsold Food to Charity

Tesco, UK’s giant supermarket are finalizing a deal to donate all the unsold food from its stores to charity.

The supermarket giant announced plans to work with 5,000 local charities across the UK in an initiative that aims to eradicate all its food waste by the end of 2017. It said the plan followed a “farm to fork” commitment to tackle food waste by its suppliers. The latest figures released by the company show 55,400 tons of food were thrown away at its stores and distribution centers across the country in 2015. The plan is part of a nationwide rollout of a 14-store pilot program called the Community Food Connection. The project, which lasted over six months, has provided more than 22 tons of food for vulnerable people and the homeless, the equivalent of 50,000 meals. It is the second major retailer to announce a major food waste initiative after Morrisons announced its own distribution plan using “community champions” last year which has now been rolled out nationwide.

Tesco has partnered with food waste FareShare to launch a digital open platform called FareShare FoodCloud which allows staff and charities to liaise to distribute surplus food. They are appealing for 5,000 charities and community groups to join up and receive the food. The supermarket has also called on other retailers to adopt the FareShare FoodCloud to create an industry-wide platform. Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis said: “We believe no food that could be eaten should be wasted. That’s why we have committed that no surplus food should go to waste from our stores. “We know it’s an issue our customers really care about and wherever there’s surplus food at Tesco stores, we’re committed to donating it to local charities so we can help feed people in need.” FareShare chief executive Lindsay Boswell said: “We are delighted to be offering our store level solution in partnership with Tesco who are demonstrating real leadership in tackling food surplus.

Will This Program Grow with Other Food Suppliers Joining?

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

Yes, but very slowly. Tesco and Morrisons have set a precedent but have a lot of power behind to make things happen quickly where I see smaller food suppliers having to take a slower and more cautious approach for the same commitment.

The Empress:
This card represents a woman who gets things done and has a very mothering energy. I feel this is a card that shows possibly a woman behind making this program happen or the mothering energy of bringing food to the hungry.

Four of Wands: Inverted (Upside Down)
This card represent optimism, usually change of residence or moving on. Because the card in inverted I feel this new program will help many feed their families with home meals and who can once again have hope.

Ace of Pentacles:
This card represents wealth and abundance, either in finances or life expansion. I believe this card was pulled to show the waste of food these big food institutions were creating but I also feel it was a hard-won battle as possibly that waste was a financial advantage in bottom line profits for them but a decision was made the PR was worth the loss.


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