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Understanding Your Dreams

understanding dreams

Understanding Your Dreams

Dream interpretation is probably one of the gifts I am in complete awe of and in all honesty (even though the information comes through whether I like it or not) have never pursued. There are so many levels of dimensions, past and present information, healing, releasing, karmic, etc., that it is one of those gifts that you must have total focus on dimensional energy. Either you have the gift or you don’t. When someone asks me to interpret a dream, fortunately the answers usually come in line to what they were looking for. There is no rigidity in the realms of dreams. What represents something in one dream can mean something entirely different for someone else.

Here are a few of the dream categories and what is being accomplished through your sub-conscious. (which by the way, NEVER sleeps and is always working through the days events, healing and releasing or teaching while your conscious mind is asleep.)

  1. Psychological Healing Dreams. They may upset you when you wake up and you feel uncomfortable that you even had the dream but they differ from nightmares as they represent situations from your conscious past and daily living and you are working on healing your emotions from the events.
  2. Belief Dreams. These are usually spiritual or religious dreams of a prophetic kind, as mentioned in the bible many times. End of days dreams fall into this category.
  3. Problem-Solving Dreams. The category of this dream is pretty self-explanatory. These dreams are designed to help the sleeper overcome issues they are dealing with.
  4. Dreams of Daily Life. These dreams usually interact with familiar faces and places but they are just that, and have no symbolic meaning. Sometimes they will foresee an event that happens the next day, week or month.
  5. Compensatory Dreams. These are the “dark side” of our personality or the shadow-self. Emotions that we repress during the day and address through dreams to try and bring balance into your negative feelings.
  6. Recurring Dreams. Dreams that are repeated are signs that we are not paying attention to the message being given to you by your higher self. Your subconscious works at repetitiveness to “break through” the message.
  7. Lucid Dreams. This type of dreaming has been researched a lot through the years. The sleeper is actually aware they are dreaming and the dream is so vivid that is seems as though it is actually happening. Lucid dreaming is a perfect scenario of a lucid sleeper being able to manipulate the outcome of the dream.
  8. Psychic Dreams. These would be considered Prophetic Dreams. They are usually explained away in the scientific world as a predictable behavior, so it is inevitably going to happen anyway. The only exception made is predictions of natural disasters.
  9. Nightmares. These are the most vampiric dreams of all of them, sapping the joy out of your life. They usually represent a major guilt issue that has not been addressed and the subconscious is forcing the sleeper to acknowledge it through fear. Address the issue and the nightmares will stop.

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Here are a few general symbolic objects, animals and scenarios and their dream meanings.

  1. Animals represent the part of your psyche connected to nature. You can look up individual animal totems and what their messages is to you. Being chased by an animal predator, suggests you’re holding back repressed emotions of fear or aggression.
  2. Having a baby or being pregnant can symbolize a literal desire to produce a child or your own desire to feel loved.
  3. Being chased is the most common of all dreams. It represents feeling threatened. Whomever is chasing you (they may also be symbolic) needs to be addressed to bring you to a sense of security.
  4. If you are dressed in shabby clothing, you may feel unattractive or worn out. Changing what you actually wear can indicate a future lifestyle change.
  5. Dreaming of any type of cross depends on your religious beliefs. It can represent an impending death or a particular phase of life coming to an end.
  6. Any dream of a friend or loved one dying brings change (endings and new beginnings) and is not a psychic prediction of any kind. If you have recently lost someone, your higher self may also be trying to help you come to terms with it.
  7. Falling is a common dream symbol that shows we are anxious about something in our life and feeling out of control.
  8. Dreaming of demons, always represents evil entities, which symbolizes repressed emotions. It is a deep message from your higher self to change a negative behavior or the thoughts behind those emotions that you are not expressing.

Susan Z’s Verdict

The best way to start getting familiar with messages being given to you in dream state, is to keep a dream journal and then get familiar with a dream book. You will either relate to the message or not. If the dream continues to bother you, one of our 7th Sense Dream Interpreters has the skills to translate it for you.

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  1. Saw a large group of deer
    Was at the cemetery visit My Mom. Brother and Grandmother.

    Can you please interpret this

  2. 7th Sense always appreciates your input on our articles. Unfortunately we are unable to answer your specific dream questions here on the stories page but if you would like to contact one of our amazing 7th Senses psychics who are proficient at dream interpretation, they would be happy to help and they may just have the very answers you are looking for. https://www.7thsensepsychics.com/psychics.
    Psychic Susan Z