The Universe and Us: Synchronicity Part 2


Eight tips to help you become more of aware of your higher self

In Part 1 of our synchronicity mini-series we spoke about what synchronicity is and how to spot the signs, if you missed that story you can read it by clicking here. Today I’m going to speak about tips to come to terms with synchronicity and be in tune with it.

Stop feeling the need to be in control

As incredible as it may seem, uncertainty gives you everything you want. It leads to limitless possibilities. Learn to “go with the flow” expecting a good and right outcome for yourself and all involved.

Trust the “Butterfly Effect”

One small change, even a seemingly tiny insignificant change has enormous power. When you feel the pull to follow your instinct on something, do it for it may be a life changing moment.

Be aware of your actions

No matter how small an action, it is eventually felt by all. In the big picture of the Universe, every single action, word or thought can have the ability to ripple to thousands. Be conscious of how you think about yourself and others, be kind, pay it forward and don’t let negative emotions consume you. It is the same as drinking poison and expecting someone else to die or suffer because of it when your body hold negative energy.

Understand that everything is linked

Past, present or future, all things are linked. There is no such thing as chance or coincidence without intention. Synchronicity springs from the deepest source of destiny and the law of balance and unity in the Universe. We are connected by unknown forces and unconsciously telegraph our thoughts to others. Don’t let your thoughts and emotions from the past effect your present or not being in the present moment and always living in the future.

Your willfulness does not apply to synchronistic events

Your view of the world is based on your “internal reality,” your thoughts. Thoughts shape the invisible energy around you. The reason your world is a certain way is the direct result of how you think about yourself and your life. Being proactive in your life is a must but it does not guarantee being at the right time and right place for success. Be willing to take leaps of faith and sometimes do or say something you have never done before when prompted by the signs.

You must believe in order to trigger synchronicity, the law of attraction and any psychic ability. Here is what some of the experts have to say on this:

“If you don’t believe, then you can’t activate this extraordinary gift. Your brain won’t process information that it doesn’t expect to see. If you are not open to believing, something could be right in front of you and you still won’t see it.”

“The Universe is always willing and waiting to show you what is meant for you. Synchronicities gently guide and direct you to what is in alignment with your own personal growth. Like a little nudge for your soul and a hint for you to watch and wait for something. Sometimes, they are the smack in your head you needed or the answer you have been waiting for.” Be open to them and acknowledge the ‘hits’ when you get them. Smile and ask for more!

Do not believe your future path is set in stone

If something is possible, no matter how improbable, you can make it happen. Your present emotions can and will alter your future. By changing your emotional beliefs about the possibility of something happening, you can break all the laws of probability. You absolutely have the power to decide the outcome of what you want.

Keep a careful watch on negative emotions

Your energy has its own unique signature. By focusing your emotions on what you want versus of what you don’t want or don’t have, you engineer your future. This is called reality creation and with this one simple step, you can consciously make changes to your life.

Believe that timing is everything

If you were in the right place at the right time, then it wasn’t luck or chance on its own. You created that opportunity of luck and chance by being in perfect harmony with yourself and your surroundings.

Susan Z’s Verdict

Synchronicity is the Universe’s way of letting us know what co-creating really is. When you think back to moments in your life where the most amazing unexpected turn of events happened and changed everything, you may have called it a miracle but the energetic definition of it is synchronicity. Personally, I like calling them “little miracles.”

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