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Use Tarot To Cope With Grief


Use Tarot To Cope With Grief

The loss of a loved one is always a very painful moment in the life of everyone, regardless of how well-prepared one thinks they were for it. Grief does not only involve the sadness of seeing a loved one depart, but the feelings that usually accompany said sadness: Disbelief, anger, relief, guilt, uncertainty and the like.

At such state, it is natural to look for answers. More often than not, these answers are brought by mediums, whose specialty is to get in touch with the other side. However, Tarot is also a magnificent tool to look for answers and find ways to cope with the loss so the transition for the living is also made easier.

How can Tarot help you cope with grief?

Amongst many other things, Tarot can help you understand your loss and analyze your feelings. It is a very useful tool to help you release feelings such as anger or guilt. As well, it can help you better understand your loved one’s legacy and even suggest ways in which you can honour their life.

In my life as a reader, I have seen people feel very relieved by also using Tarot to understand in which ways they had impacted their loved one’s life and what they were taking with them to across-the-veil.

Anticipatory grief

Anticipatory grief is referred to the sort of grief and anxiety that is experienced before the loss actually happens. For instance, it is common among the relatives of terminally ill patients or these patients themselves. Besides being extremely draining and devastating, this sort of grief is so overwhelming than, when the loss happens, those who have gone through it usually experience feelings of relief – for the so dreaded moment has already come to pass and now they are somehow “worry free” – that are most often than not, followed by intense feelings of guilt.

Tarot can help you cope with anticipatory grief by helping you understand the process and perhaps set some basis for you to come to terms with the facts. As well, it is really insightful for analyzing your feelings after the event and to release the guilt.

Grief caused by pet loss

Those of us who love animals usually develop a bond that goes even deeper than the bond we create with our kind. The loss of a pet can be devastating and is often misunderstood. From all losses, this is usually the one that receives less sympathy, or at least the one that one is expected to “get over” from the soonest.

In this case, Tarot is particularly helpful to offer a bridge of communication between pet and fur-parent, aiding the latter to overcome their feelings of guilt, the “what ifs” and understand that they have, most often, done everything in their hands to provide the best possible care.

Sibyl’s Verdict

As you can see, Mediumship is not the only technique that can be helpful during a grieving process. Of course it is complementary to other things, such as counselling when required and also being really, really patient with ourselves and our feelings while we learn to live a new life where our loved one is not physically there. Time heals, and Tarot helps.

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