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Victory for Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin Wins

Victory for Led Zeppelin

I’m sure just like me many of you will be delighted with the news that a lawsuit has failed against Led Zeppelin and their hit Stairway to heaven. The Jury found the intro to Led Zeppelins classic was not intrinsically similar to the 1967 hit. As I have said before, we have only so many musical notes and they can be jumbled into endless different arrangements, so surely every now and then, there will be one song that reminds you of another.

Stairway to Heaven is one of those songs which bring us back to an era where all was right with the world. Well in our hearts it was, because when we go back, we only remember the good times, the days were brighter, we had no money but we were happy, or so we thought. The truth was we were younger, and everything was possible, we had more energy and more dreams and time to carry those dreams out. But the songs of that era will bring us right back and make us feel young again. Stairway to heaven is one such song, because in a way it is just that. “A stairway to heaven”.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict

For someone with a spiritual belief, this song connects us on many levels. The stairway to heaven has a different meaning to many people, but it seems to talk about our journey to find our own inner happiness in life. It’s a different journey for all. But every morning we rise to take up where we left off and try to build a better future for ourselves. In other words every day we buy another step on our own stairway to heaven.

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