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Master Psychic Vincent’s Tribute to 9/11, 16 years on

Twin Towers of light

Master Psychic Vincent looks at the numerology significance of this anniversary.

16 years on, and it’s still one of those moments in life when you saw the world go into a dark place. In our lifetime, most of us have been spared the horrors of the two world wars that had passed and we enjoyed a time of relative peace. Until that day in September 2001 when those planes hit the towers in New York. It was more than an attack on buildings, but an attack on a way of life. Innocent souls who were guilty of doing nothing more than going to work that day, found themselves in an unrealistic situation of unbelievable horror as the world watched helplessly.

Within the towers were people of all colors, races, creeds, and the loss was no greater or less because of this. It entered our homes as we sat helplessly watching those souls in their last moments in this world. Frustration at being unable to help them was international, and personal to all watching because we all pictured our loved ones in this situation. Because of this we could relate to the pain it was causing to their loved ones watching.

The Aftermath

In the aftermath, America dropped all previous disputes it had internally and became one nation, united in grief. People stood shoulder to shoulder with others oblivious to their differences and aware of their pain. Perhaps if there is one lesson to be learned from this terrible incidence, it is that under the skin, all our blood is red, all our hearts beat to the same rhythm, and all our eyes shed the same color tears.

Recently, America has witnessed some very unsettling times racially and ethnically, and perhaps there is a message to be remembered from the sadness of that awful day 16 years ago. In numerology, 1+6 = 7. Our most precious number, as it is the number we associate with luck and the levels in the heavens we aspire to. Hopefully, we can use this number with this anniversary to remember how we stood together in pain once, and we can stand together in peace once again.

The Numerology

This number gives us options and good energy, but options are only useful if we make use of them. Peace can reign if we give it the chance. We can never erase the past, but we can, and should learn from it. To those who lost loved ones in the towers, they are never more than a thought away from all our minds and hearts across the world, and today we stand united with you in your grief. I have no doubt they are at peace. They are in a place where there is no pain, and their love for you is as strong as your love for them, and through this, you are eternally connected. May they rest in Peace, and may you find peace in your heart until you meet again.

From Myself Master Psychic Vincent, and all at 7th Sense Psychics,


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