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The Voices We Hear

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Hearing Voices In Your Head

Anyone who has ever had a psychic reading with someone who has the gift of clairaudence (meaning clear hearing) or a session with a spirit medium, has heard these words spoken often; “What I am hearing is this or that about the subject matter being discussed.” The information comes to that gifted person as their channels are open to hear information from guides, angels, higher self and other dimensions. It is usually taken for granted by the reader when the information is received and then it is up to the receiver of that information to interpret what they have heard.

Sometimes it is straight forward, sometimes cryptic and oft times interpreted through the reader’s personality. But what if someone who does not use psychic gifts, say your everyday Jane or Joe suddenly out of nowhere, hears a voice in their head giving them instructions, advice or caution as loud and clear as though a person was standing next to them?

Well for one thing for sure, it scares the bejesus out of them and then they do one of two things; they disregard it or question where the voice came from? Those who disregard it, only if it becomes persistent, finally speak about it or address it.

Unfortunately, the usual advice is take medication to resolve the issue. And guess what? When you take those “I hear voices in my head” pills from the psychiatrist, they do go away, as you have blocked the channel of communication with drugs.

There are many reasons for hearing voices inside one’s head; some of these reasons are spiritual or “paranormal”, while others have more psychological or emotional causes. For the last several hundred years, anyone who heard voices was considered to be possessed, insane or at the very least, mentally disturbed. They were either institutionalized, ostracized, or burned as a witch.

Spiritual gift or psychological disorder?

Even our modern medical system has deemed hearing voices to be a mental disorder, calling it anything from delusions to schizophrenia. Unfortunately, there is very little understanding or support for what is often a spiritual phenomenon. Many prophets throughout recorded history have heard voices that offered them divine wisdom and guidance. This spiritual phenomenon of hearing voices that no one else can hear can be a psychic gift known as clairaudience or mediumship.

So what do you do when out of the blue, you hear a voice very clearly saying to you to go and check on your child in the back yard? You listen to it! Whether the results of listening to that voice is saving your child from the pool or just noticing they are now naked in the sunshine, you are being guided.

Most people have some form of psychic ability available to them. If they learn how to trust it and develop it, those voices are our intuitive guidance system like a compass designed to chaperon us through this lifetime. Unfortunately fear, religion and our dependence on rational thinking have shut down most people’s psychic abilities. Intuition is often denied, ridiculed and dismissed as being irrational. Intuition is irrational by its very nature as it does not come from the rational side of the brain.

Children are usually the ones that exhibit the ability to hear the voices from the other side with their imaginary playmates as they are also closer to the divine and their “imagination” allows them to connect with different frequencies and dimensions of experience.

In part 2, I discuss how to identify the voice in your head, and what to do if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Click here to continue on to part 2.

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  1. Dear Vincent, I do not normally hear voices however I know when something is going to happen before it happens. I don’t know how It just comes me out of the blue. Somehow a few days later it usually comes true?

    thank you for your article I found it very interesting.

    1. Hi Therese! This article was written by Susan Z, not Vincent, I will pass on your kind words to her.

      To me it sounds like you have some psychic ability, definitely something to explore further!

  2. I have heard voices since I was a little girl about 8 years old I finally told friends and family and some of them believe me and some of them did not but I could actually repeat conversations that people are having that weren’t by me word for word I also have feelings of things that are about to happen I have dreams about things that are about to happen and nine times out of 10 I’m right my family is told me that I need to get into a psychiatrist to get on the right medication cuz I do take medicine for depression and anxiety and sleeplessness but mostly that’s because of the voices so I’m glad to know I’m not the only one in that I’m not crazy

  3. I was very interested in this article. Not only do i hear instructional voices, but twice i heard malevolent screaming in my head. Once while walking through a very old cemetery near where i live and once while pondering a painting done by a deceased inlaw. Thoughts on this?