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What should WAGs Olivia Pierson do about Marcedes Lewis wayward gaze?

Olivia Pierson

What should WAGs Olivia Pierson do about Marcedes Lewis wayward gaze?

It’s a fine line between trust and being overbearing. And in relationships, it’s hard to find a good balance between the two. Olivia Pierson has proved beyond all doubt that her heart was in the right place. By not totally over reacting to her boyfriend Marcedes Lewis slight tendency to be flirtatious. She gave him the space that would be deemed reasonable and didn’t take it too serious which is honourable. But sadly this didn’t work in her favour despite her best efforts.

At first, Marcedes Lewis displayed only innocent flirtation with Tia Shipman. Annoying? Possibly, but forgivable if that’s all it was. But then the cracks appeared to show. When Barbie Blanks wedding came around, he bailed out on Olivia at the last minute. How embarrassing is that for anyone? But he was still able to find time to text and phone Sophie. But he appears to have really gone for gold this time. While he was supposed to be training for preseason in Florida, he showed up at a party. So Olivia Pierson was finally forced into a situation where she had to call time on their relationship.

There is little that hurts more, than when the person you love. and who is supposed to feel the same way about you, betrays that love. It has happened to us all, so I’m sure we can all sympathise with how Olivia Pierson is feeling. Perhaps Marcedes didn’t see it as such a big deal. But I would ask him: How would he feel is it was her that had done those things on him?

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

What do the Cards say about Olivia Pierson’s future from here on? Ill address this one for Olivia. How should you handle this situation going forward, Olivia? The Six of Swords shows that this decision was not an easy one. Sometimes we have to leave when our sanity is still intact, despite our pride being hurt badly. The Devil card shows a need to break from normal routine. The routine around this relationship kept you in the circle of forgiveness and belief that it would change. So now the routine has to change.

This is how you will gain your feet again and move on. The Lovers Card shows difficult decisions which have been made.  This journey has started so it must be completed. There is the torn person. The one who wants to take them back but knows nothing will change. And the one who wants to leave, knowing there will be hurt anyhow. The second one will allow you to repair and grow even though initially, it will hurt. The first one would see the hurt continuing and nothing changing. While free will of the heart can Sometimes over rule the head. We have to take into account what is for our highest good. At the moment Olivia, you appear to have made the right choice. It’s time for Marcedes Lewis to do some soul searching, but you can’t wait around for that to happen.

The path of true love never runs smooth, but with the rocks on the road. We learn where we should step, and where should be avoided. We wish you well with your future.

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