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Wednesday Interactive Tarot Reading Dec 14th 2022

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Here is your interactive tarot reading for today. Look at the image above and relax, focus on the first card that draws you in and that card will connect with your personal energy.


Once you have picked your card, you can scroll down to see it revealed then read the information for today that carries your journey with it.






Tarot Card Draw #1: Ten of Cups, reversed

The Ten of Cups reversed represents unhappiness, discontent, and sometimes a rough home life. If this card comes up in your tarot draw, you are likely in a situation in which you feel trapped, defeated, and generally dissatisfied. You might be experiencing problems in your home, or some other situation that is shaking your foundation. The Ten of Cups reversed also sometimes indicates a non traditional family, such as someone who fosters or adopts children, a surrogate, or some other family type that defies the “norm”. In your romantic life, if you are in a relationship, the Ten of Cups reversed indicates an unstable relationship. You might already be having doubts about your relationship, or there could be problems in your relationship that you cannot see. The Ten of Cups also sometimes indicates a non traditional family or relationship, or one in which there is difficulty with conception and there is a need to have children by alternative means. This could signify surrogacy, adoption, fostering, blended families, or even a couple who is childless by choice. If you are seeking a relationship, the Ten of Cups reversed indicates that you are harboring some deep seated issues which are preventing you from finding a fulfilling relationship. These issues likely stem from your childhood, and you have struggled for most of your life to recover. In a career reading, the Ten of Cups reversed indicates someone who works with families or individuals in need. If you are struggling to find your place in life or trying to decide on a career, you are likely being urged into such a career. This could mean a caseworker of some kind, working to help children, families, or elderly people in need find support services they need.

Tarot Card Draw #2: Ace of Wands

When the upright Ace of Wands appears in your daily draw, it is there to serve as a pre-game pep talk to get you fired up to take on whatever may be coming your way. It indicates taking action and finding new, innovative ways of getting things done. The Ace of Wands heralds good news is on the way and new beginnings. It can also signify the birth of a new project or idea that could prove quite positive for you. It is time to take action and step out on faith in your own creativity. If you have grown bored in your life, this card urges you to seek out a new passion, something new and innovative to get you fired up. The Ace of Wands screams that you are more than up for the challenge and you may soon find within yourself a previously hidden or unknown talent or ability. If you have been dealing with some negative and oppressive energy, this card speaks of you finding new inspiration to go on or, as some would say, a new lease on life. It turns up to remind you of your own infinite potential. For you creative types, the Ace of Wands encourages you take things a bit further. Be more daring, bold, take more chances and find new ways of expressing yourself. Alternatively, this card may also indicate conception, birth, new life but that is not limited to human form. Maybe you will just be getting a new furbaby.

Tarot Card Draw #3: Seven of Swords, reversed

If you have been acting in a reckless manner or taking risky chances, the Seven of Swords will come up reversed for you as a warning that you need to take heed as you will very soon be caught and what you thought were your best laid plans are about to blow up in your face. This card may fall in a daily draw for you to be cautious as you may find yourself dealing with serial cheaters, pathological liars or two-faced persons as well as toxic people or any others who may mean you harm in some way. This could also be representative of your own recent actions. If you have not been acting in accordance of the greatest good for others, it is high time to make some much-needed changes. The reversed Seven of Swords could turn up in your daily draw to serve as your own conscience and hold up a mirror to your recent actions and/or motives. Maybe you have been taking credit of the hard work and achievements of others or acting in a cowardly fashion as well as trying desperately to avoid the consequences of your own bad behaviors. If you have been acting in negative or devious ways, it is time to step up and take ownership of your actions and make the much-needed changes to rectify the situation as well as greatly improve your own actions and motives. If you do not, the reversed Seven of Swords will turn up for you as a warning that the consequences resulting from you taking ownership would be far less than for someone to call you out on it which will very soon be happening. Lastly, this card serves as a warning that someone is trying to con you or take advantage of you in some way or another unscrupulous person will soon attempt to blackmail you. If you get this card, it’s time to check yourself.

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