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Wednesday Interactive Tarot Reading Feb 22nd 2023

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Here is your interactive tarot reading for today. Look at the image above and relax, focus on the first card that draws you in and that card will connect with your personal energy.


Once you have picked your card, you can scroll down to see it revealed then read the information for today that carries your journey with it.






Tarot Card Draw #1: Ace of Cups, reversed

Those of you who chose the Ace of Cups in the reversed position for your daily tarot draw are experiencing some sort of loss or missed opportunity. You may have gotten your hopes up and expected a situation to go in your favor, but you were sadly met with much disappointment. You may have thought this opportunity was golden and a perfect fit for you, but the universe has other plans. This desire of yours seemed like a long shot but you felt so lucky to have been considered. For some of you, I’m feeling the loss of a job opportunity that you were absolutely confident you were going to get. You expected this path to elevate your lifestyle and now you feel like you’re back at square one. Others are experiencing a breakup of a possibly long-term relationship and this separation now alters your reality. Few are dealing with someone who has unfortunately called off the engagement and this has left you confused as to where things went wrong. You feel as if your heart is being ripped out of your chest and this may be leading you towards depressive thoughts. If this is your scenario, please understand that it is never too late to experience love. Many cling to relationships that do not serve them because they falsely believe there isn’t enough time to find someone else. Positive self-talk and reminding yourself of your worth will be helpful during this time. Do not allow yourself to slip into a dark place because of temporary unfortunate luck. Something to keep in mind at this time of things not necessarily working out as you were hoping is what country singer Garth Brooks began singing about in 1990, “Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers.” It may well be that soon you will see this alternate turn of events has actually been a blessing in disguise.

Tarot Card Draw #2: Three of Swords

Among the several different meanings indicated by the Three of Swords is a love triangle. This is quite often the case in a love reading and it may serve as confirmation in a daily draw if you have been suspecting your significant other of being unfaithful. The Three of Swords will also speak on depression, loneliness, heartache, unhappiness, sorrow and an overwhelming sadness in a daily draw. If you have not already found yourself in the midst of any of these situations, then brace yourself because things are about to be quite dark for you emotionally. At the same time, this card can be a “forewarned is forearmed” card and could help you avoid such a negative and oppressive situation. Try to step outside the situation for a bit to thoroughly examine all possible scenarios objectively and work to devise a solid plan to turn things around for the better or maybe even avoid the negative situation all together. This card also talks of grief, loss and the shedding of many tears as well as any other emotionally distressing time. Whatever situation is being foretold by the Three of Swords, you can expect a time of great upset, upheaval and possibly overwhelming confusion. Other less emotional indicators of the Three of Swords are general hardship, difficult situations that may cause tremendous stress, conflict, major misunderstandings, overwhelming distraction and disillusion. Because many of the situations spoken of by the Three of Swords may affect you on a deep emotional level, this is not the time to simply try to suck it up and soldier on. Rather you need to take some time to process your emotions and allow for significant healing. Alternatively, the Three of Swords could indicate a test of strength and just how much you can take and still hold your head up and work to move forward. It is certainly true that, “Into every life, a little rain must fall.” Adversity and hardship are how we learn and grow as individuals, more importantly, it is through such situations how we gain wisdom to not only go forward making different, better-informed decisions, but also how we are able to help others who may one day face similar circumstances. Do not just wallow in the mess, try to find the lesson so the experience is not wasted. Also, never be too ashamed or too afraid to simply ask for help.

Tarot Card Draw #3: Four of Cups, reversed

The Four of Cups in the reversed position insinuates that you are no longer letting life just happen to you. For a while now you have been cruising on by just going with the flow. You haven’t been a co-creator in your reality as you’ve just been allowing the days to pass you by and just accepting whatever life throws your way. You’ve had an epiphany of some sort recently. You are waking up and beginning to realize that you are not actively living. You are being guided to take more personal and professional risks. This is an excellent time to try something new. Look deep inside yourself and try to dig up all the old hopes and dreams you once wanted so badly. Do not allow yourself to believe that these dreams may be too far out of reach. They are not. Doing some research and look around for some classes that may be of interest to you. This is a time of building yourself, whether that be a formal degree, a licensing, or even a certification. You are needing to establish your credibility in order to move on to the next steps and advance professionally thus securing an even brighter future for yourself. This is a very exciting time for you, you’ve been stuck in the matrix for so long that you haven’t really chased any dreams or worked on your own self-improvement. If you’ve been considering changing your look, go for it. If you currently live at a place where you are surrounded by lower vibrational people who do not reflect the life you most desire for yourself, move somewhere else or begin to work toward that end. Take advantage of this newfound motivation that you have, don’t let any of this energy go to waste!

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