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Wednesday Interactive Tarot Reading Jan. 12th 2022

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Here is your interactive tarot reading for today. Look at the image above and relax, focus on the first card that draws you in and that card will connect with your personal energy.


Once you have picked your card, you can scroll down to see it revealed then read the information for today that carries your journey with it.






Tarot Card Draw #1: The Emperor

In a general daily Tarot draw, The Emperor turning up for you can often provide some clarity if you struggle with self-esteem issues as the adult child of a seemingly relentless father figure. Whether the primary male influence in your life during your formative years was your biological father or another “stand-in”, The Emperor may show up to help you have a better understanding of that man and how he affects you in your life now. The Emperor often is indicative of a man with incredibly high, and often unrealistic, expectations of all people, especially his own children and others over whom he has/had influence. He represents a male, either biologically or someone with incredibly strong male tendencies, who has little tolerance for fun and games and is more of a task master. He wields such dominance over others with little room for emotional or thoughtful matters, that he basically sucks all the fun out of life and will even greatly influence how people come to see themselves. Being under such an influence is not in any way to give you any excuses for not believing in yourself or for rarely rising to the challenges of life, rather it is to help you understand better why you have become the way you are and the ammunition (knowledge) to change it. Aside from all of this, The Emperor can also be representative of an older male or female with strong male tendencies who is quite set in their ways leaving little room for negotiation in that regard. This person is quite often excellent in business and financial matters as well as wealthy in material things, but not necessarily in the things that truly matter such as close family, friends or even romantic connections. This person is stoic and very, very rarely bends under pressure. Not always the best person to have in your life, but they are excellent providers. For those of you who may simply be struggling to reach a goal or make something significant happen in your career or finances, The Emperor will turn up to stress the need for better planning and execution of said plans as well as to remain hyper aware of the end goal and to stay focused and regimented in your efforts. A rather lesser indication of this card is impending fatherhood, quite possibly sooner rather than later. In matters of the heart for those who are single and prefer men, The Emperor will pop up foretelling of a romantic connection with an older and/or possibly much more mature man who most likely is not the best at romantic relationships. The flipside of this, singles interested in women need to step up and make themselves and their interest known to the object of their affection because hints and subtilities will not work on your current target. Those in established romantic relationships can look forward to a long-lasting, fully committed connection as well as negative relationship issues beginning to improve.

Tarot Card Draw #2: King of Cups

When looking into a specific potential romantic partner and the King of Cups turns up, you are on the right track with this new person and they deserve a bit more of your time and attention as they look to be an excellent partner, good person, honest and sincere. There is one small concern though if financial security in your romantic partner is important as many people with the emotional capacity represented by this card often lack the professional drive and ambition to build a solid financial base. The King of Cups also speaks of the wisdom (not the same as knowledge), compassion and open nature of people. If you have been struggling to find more of a balance between your heart and head or maybe between work and home life and the King of Cups shows up in your daily draw, he is there to tell you to stop struggling and relax then that desired balance will seemingly come naturally. The same applies if you have been working to gain more control over your own emotions. He is also speaking of letting go of things beyond your control. This kind gentleman touches on you advancing toward a deeper level of emotional or mental maturity, as well as expanding your creative side or possibly discovering a completely new and hidden talent you never knew you had. He is also urging you to rely more on your own intuition as it is growing and developing naturally on its own. The King of Cups also represents an excellent life partner if your goal is to build a solid family unit with someone who will always be by your side, a loyal, lifelong partner. Regarding professional or scholastic concerns, the King of Cups is indicative of a more mature masculine energy (male or female) who will be key in your advancement in either pursuit as a mentor or leader. This royal gentleman also urges you to call upon your own diplomatic abilities to work through any adverse situation involving other people be it professional or personal much like a mediator. Lastly, he speaks of careers in healthcare, both traditional and alternative, as well as artistic pursuits.

Tarot Card Draw #3: The World

If The World turns up for you in a daily draw, it may mean “the world is at your feet” or you are currently – or will very soon be — in a position of limitless potential, surrounded by opportunities. When the world turns up for you, it is time to take full advantage of all the many doors being opened up to you in all areas of your life, especially professionally. The World coming up may also indicate travel, especially to destinations at a great distance. This card could also indicate new worlds being opened up to you in much the same way as I wrote briefly of in the intro with me having live interactions with clients all over the world. This could be through you literally traveling the world or just interacting with foreigners virtually/digitally through the miracle that is the world wide web. The World card represents a culmination of sorts. You have overcome the many overwhelming tests and stressors of the previous major arcana cards and have hopefully grown from it and learned as much as you can. Now is the time to reap the rewards of your struggles and through The World, many new opportunities are being presented to you and success is at hand. The potential is endless. Take pride in how far you have come and the obstacles you have surmounted. Pat yourself on the back and welcome what lay ahead. It has been a rough go for a while, but now is the time to just enjoy all of your hard work and what you have achieved. The World often represents the achievements of major life milestones such as graduations, a wedding, starting a family after much struggle, landing that highly sought-after job or buying that way over-priced new car that you earned yourself. It may represent major achievements such as starting your own business, completing a seemingly impossible task or goal, buying that house on the hill that always seemed so far out of reach. This card speaks of completion or culmination of your continued hard work and efforts of the recent past but it also warns that you not allow yourself to get too wrapped up in the good things as they can be stripped away just as quickly. With major success comes a whole new set of challenges and problems such as maintaining the new status quo. There is a popular saying, “More money, more problems.” Do not allow this newfound success to lead you to take on more than you can handle or may not be ready for. Be realistic and keep yourself in check. If The World turns up for you in a daily draw, know that spirit, God, the gods, the universe, whomever your higher power may be is smiling down upon you. It is your time! Enjoy, but make the best of it and use it wisely. Do not squander it.

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