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Wednesday Tarot Reading Apr 26th 2023

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Here is your interactive tarot reading for today. Look at the image above and relax, focus on the first card that draws you in and that card will connect with your personal energy.


Once you have picked your card, you can scroll down to see it revealed then read the information for today that carries your journey with it.






Tarot Card Draw #1: Temperance

Those who chose the Temperance card for their daily tarot draw are in a time of needing to trust the process. It’s possible that you’ve been anticipating something for a while and are finding yourself quite eager and restless to see all you’ve been manifesting come into fruition. Frustrations will be running high at this time since You’ve been working hard, and you have yet to see the results you have been expecting. It is crucial to maintain faith in your goals and to understand the notion of divine timing. All things happen in perfect timing whether the reason for the delay is apparent to us or not. You can rest assured that your desires are on their way to you but there are some unforeseen obstacles which are the cause for the delay. Some of you have taken the leap and delved into entrepreneurship. It is possible that your business is having a slower start than you would have hoped for, and it may be leaving you feeling quite discouraged to continue on. You may need to use this time to reevaluate your set up or approach in your business. Finding ways to better reach your target audience will be helpful. Others of you are in a hurry to rush down the aisle and/ or start a family. It is important that you want these things for the right reason and not because you feel you are getting too old. If a situation is not in your highest good, the universe will create obstacles and block some of your desires to protect you. For those of you that are indeed having trouble conceiving this may be a sign that you are not meant to conceive with your person of interest. There may be someone else you are meant to cross paths with in the future who is better suited for you to raise a child with.

Tarot Card Draw #2: Page of Swords

On occasion, we may be faced with having to deal with people who are not the kindest. Sometimes even adults have childish ways which get under our skin, and this will sometimes cause us to indulge in petty arguments and behaviors that are beneath us. This is the energy of the Page of Swords. It is possible that you have someone at work who watches you closely and criticizes your work. This may even go beyond just opinions of your professional performance, but it is possible that they may attack you personally as well. Some of the things being said you are aware of and others you are not, but the information will find itself to you soon enough. You must handle this situation with grace and professionalism if you would like it to be resolved with as little mess as possible. It is also possible that this could be the situation in a friendship of yours. Sometimes it is the people closest to you that will gossip behind your back. You may be around someone who is jealous or envious of you in some way therefore they pick you apart and try to control the way others view you as well. Addressing the gossip and telling this person how you feel will be necessary. If you are usually introverted and give off a non-confrontational energy, it will surprise this person when you speak up for yourself. This may result in some awkwardness and even potentially the loss of a friend, but you will leave the situation feeling good about yourself and this will give the other person a newfound respect for you whether they mention it to you or not!

Tarot Card Draw #3: Five of Cups

Choosing the Five of Cups for your daily tarot draw is an indicator of feeling sadness and regret. You may be in a space of remembering a time when you perceived your life to be much better than it is now. You are comparing your current circumstances to what they used to be. You didn’t realize what you had until it was no longer a part of your reality. Some of you are experiencing heartbreak from separating from someone who meant a lot to you. This could be you missing someone from a previous relationship. It is possible that you were not the best version of yourself while you were with or around this person and this caused them to walk away from you. The lack of access you have to this person’s life is distressing you but prompting you to have a moment of deep self-reflection. Your person of interest may have moved on and is appearing happier than ever in their new situation and this is adding to your sadness. In the past you may have disregarded this person’s feelings, making you come off as quite selfish and a bit arrogant. After having this time apart and realizing how good you had it, you can now begin to do the work to improve who you are as a person. For some of you this may go as far as you losing your entire family because of your previous behavior. This could speak to you being unfaithful to your spouse and them taking the kids and leaving. You are missing your old life wishing that you could have a do over. Others of you are mourning the loss of someone who has passed on. This loss could have been sudden. You may be constantly replaying memories in your mind wishing that you had known that time would be so short. The loss of this person has impacted your life greatly and will now open you up to live each day like it’s your last and make you wish to take more risks.

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