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Wednesday Tarot Reading Apr 5th 2023

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Here is your interactive tarot reading for today. Look at the image above and relax, focus on the first card that draws you in and that card will connect with your personal energy.


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Tarot Card Draw #1: Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords may be showing up in your daily draw to bring your attention to someone in your circle who may be acting underhanded toward you, plotting, scheming, using manipulation to get what they want from you. It also is to bring your attention to fake friends and people who may be acting toward your detriment in some way. Someone may be trying to sabotage you, take advantage of you, slandering you. Your personal property may be at risk so take extra care to ensure your possessions are properly secured at all times, your doors and windows are always locked. Just be sure to guard yourself; however, it is much more likely your property and possessions may be at risk. In business matters, the Seven of Swords is a warning against lopsided deals, someone possibly trying to undercut you, scam you or possibly benefit personally from your hard work. In matters of the heart, it warns of cheating romantic partners, but please do not automatically assume that is what today’s draw is trying to tell as it will not hold true for every person. It is only a warning to pay attention to what may be going on with your partner. Occasional questions of their character, loyalties and honesty are part of human nature, but insecurities should not ever be a regular part of a serious romantic connection. Trust and communication are key. If you feel insecure, talk with someone to vent or look deep within yourself to try and understand why you may feel that way. Sometimes our insecurities are borne more of our past experiences rather than any actions by a current partner. Just please do not jump to conclusions. It is always possible that you may have people around you, romantic partners, friends or relatives, who are deceptive, manipulative or acting only in their own best interest, but not necessarily probable. The upside of the Seven of Swords is that it speaks of you acting in a strategic manner, calling upon your own inner strength and courage, always staying one step ahead, quick to think on your feet and often being incredibly resourceful.

Tarot Card Draw #2: Seven of Wands, reversed

On the Seven of Wands, reversed, we see conflict and hand-to-hand combat with one of the underdogs looking to be wearing a crown. This tells us that no one is immune to stress and strife no matter their status in life. Money and status are not enough to protect anyone when negative choices and bad attitudes are at play. While it may seem that some people get away with anything, no one truly knows what goes on behind closed doors or what Karma may lay in wait for them later in the future. With the torches ablaze in the background, we are shown that continued struggles will persist unless you can find a way to avoid it. With this card falling in the reverse position for you, today, it is shown that by making better choices, we can often avoid conflict and negative situations. Choose wisely and seek out the answer so you can be better informed. Rather than allow the torches to be destructive, take one and let it light the way out of the darkness and negativity. Learn to pick your battles, as well, which will ensure a much better peace of mind. Once you learn what you can control and what you cannot, life will be so much easier.

Tarot Card Draw #3: Nine of Pentacles, reversed

When the reversed Nine of Pentacles comes up for you in a daily draw, it quite often is there to serve as a warning. One of the things it warns about is that you may have allowed yourself to become overly concerned with material and financial gain or that you have been acting in a reckless or deceitful manner primarily for your own personal gain in some way. Alternatively, it could be a warning that such a person has recently entered your circle or will try to very soon. This card may also turn up for you if you have been choosing to or allowing yourself to be overworked, most likely to the point that other areas of your life may be suffering such as family, home, self-care, etc. Other vitally important things this reversed money card could be working to bring to your attention are that you have been acting in a rather superficial way as well as taking advantage of people whom you may feel could benefit you, especially in work/career/business and financial matters. Occasionally people who have been feeling left out or as though others have been judging them or treating them harshly, this card will come up to hold a mirror to your own behaviors. It is entirely possible that you have earned this treatment due to your acting overly selfish and shallow or even quite immature and self-serving. This leads to two of the much more negative indicators of this card in that you may have been acting in deceitful ways or abusing others in a myriad of ways such as emotional manipulation, mentally or, in rare cases, physically. Lastly, this card may come up in reference to an individual who is shallow, cheap, tacky or is just plain lacking in sophistication, elegance or style.

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