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Wednesday Tarot Reading May 24th 2023

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Tarot Card Draw #1: The Chariot

If you are dealing with a situation which you feel is out of your control and The Chariot turns up in your daily draw, it is to tell you that you have far more control than you realize. This card is stressing that now is the time to step up and command what you deserve. Not DEmand, but rather COMmand. There is a big difference. Demanding something is when one, to some degree, tries to force others to their will or to make others see things in a specific way. Command is to show others what you believe you deserve by proving yourself, taking charge and standing up for yourself in a more objective way. An example, respect is earned (commanded) rather than a right (demanded). A need for objectivity is also indicated by The Chariot. You may have become a bit too close to a situation and your objectivity is blurred. The Chariot will pop up urging you to take a couple of steps back and do a thorough reassessment. This would occur when you feel as though you’ve come up against a solid brick wall when trying to solve a problem or find a solution to a financial concern. Get your thoughts and priorities in order, dig deep to find the confidence needed and move forward with a more objective view, thus being able to form a solid plan. The Chariot may also show up in your daily draw to bring your attention to some of your recent negative actions, or more importantly negative reactions. It is possible you have recently been acting in a defensive or aggressive manner in order to hide what you are truly feeling such as emotional vulnerability, insecurity, self-doubt, fear. In matters of the heart, The Chariot may be drawn by you as a signal you need to get your emotions in check lest you ruin your relationship. It is possible you have been overly emotional and a bit too demanding of your partner’s time and attention. Each of these things is a surefire recipe for relationship failure. Also, if you find that you and your partner are going through any kind of rough patch, The Chariot is there to stress the importance of open, honest communication and focused efforts at all times by each of you, even in the good times (especially in the good times). This card may also turn up as a warning of insecurities getting the best of one of you and must be brought under control, quickly. For us single people, this card suggests you may be holding on to something or someone from your past thus preventing you from welcoming a new love. Heal, let go, move on. In a professional context, The Chariot is to tell you quite loudly that you are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for. Of course, it goes without saying that The Chariot often heralds travel of some kind as it relates directly to transportation. Maybe it’s time for a road trip or a short getaway.

Tarot Card Draw #2: King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles is an amazing card to turn up for those working to achieve something or for anyone who has a long-held desire for advancement or achievement. Your hard work will very soon be paying off be it professionally, academically, any kind of competitive situation and even social standing. For those who are working to better themselves in any way such as academically, physically or trying to learn new skills to advance professionally, this amazing royal gentleman is yelling that now is the time. You will not have such an opportune time like this again for a while so jump on it. Use this time to your full advantage as amazing things lay ahead for you through your own focused and determined efforts. If you are taking this daily draw in reference to a particular man or even a masc fem, This King speaks of a person on whom you can most definitely rely. This individual about whom you are inquiring is a generous person yet very careful with their money. A hard worker, loyal to all persons in their life, stable and secure. If you have children and are wondering about this person, the most important thing you need to know is that they are incredibly patient and very much a family person. They will make the time for something/someone whom they consider important. For those in an existing romantic relationship, The King of Pentacles signals that your efforts to solidify your relationship have paid off and you and your partner are now at a time when you can relax and enjoy each other. Never stop trying to show your love and doing the little things that make everyone happy, but you can see that your relationship is in a very good, secure place. Do not become complacent but enjoy what it has taken to get to where you are now. With regard to work/career matters, the King of Pentacles is a fantastic omen of things to come. You are, or very soon will be, receiving your just reward. All of your hard work professionally will soon pay off and in a big and possibly surprising way. This is a good time for investing, as well. If you have any doubts or questions about work, money, business, this is an excellent time to seek assistance and guidance as it will be quite sound and fruitful for you.

Tarot Card Draw #3: Six of Swords, reversed

The Six of Swords frequently turns up in readings about travel and occasionally when you may be considering relocating to a new geographical location. Our card shows us a traveler traversing the waters to a new land seemingly at a distance. Unfortunately, when reversed as it is today, this often indicates trouble or, at the very least, delays to be expected. If this card comes up for you in a daily draw or general reading, it frequently means you may find yourself going from one bad situation to possibly an even worse situation. It denotes a lack of progress, feeling overwhelmed, stuck and an extended healing process. When speaking specifically about a person, this card may come up warning of a troublemaker or someone who simply enjoys rocking the boat and creating negative situations for others simply for their own enjoyment. When negotiating a new job or the purchase of a home/car, this card will turn up reversed urging you to stand your ground and know your worth but to also thoroughly read the fine print as the one with whom you are in talks with may slip something in without your knowledge that could potentially work against you in a big way. When looking at a relationship of any kind (romantic, friendly or familial), this reversed card indicates a storm may be brewing. If not dealt with quickly and effectively, this negative relationship situation will most likely seep into other areas of your life such as causing you to act rather impulsively or negatively in your work or business. If you have already found yourself in the midst of a negative relationship situation, this card will come up indicating that healing may take longer than you would like. More literal meanings of this reversed card of travel warn that you have a backup plan when planning any kind of trip. Expect delays, a myriad of disruptions and plans simply being cancelled all together.

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