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Weekly Angelic Message – Stay Positive

Angelic Message

Weekly Angelic Message – Stay Positive

Everyone has Guardian Angels, but there are other Angels, too. Angels who look out for us, who send us messages every day. To help us cope with difficult situations, or to help us recover. They also assist us in regaining our confidence and make sure that we love ourselves.

Although we can`t see them, they can see us, guiding us towards our chosen path. If you listen carefully, you can hear them in the wind, or deep inside your subconscious. You can even connect to them, and ask for their help specifically. But they always have a message to everyone. A reassurance that we aren`t alone, and that whatever is happening in our lives, we will get through it.

Let`s see what they want us to know or focus on this week:

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Power : Some of us fear that we aren`t worthy enough of love. While others are scared to let go of the safety of fear. Once we realize that our true power lies within ourselves, we can use it to bring love into our lives. There is no need to be afraid, as power creates balance and abundance when used properly. Don`t think of a physical force, but rather your inner power. Your power to trust, to love, to forgive and forget. The power to move on and let go. The power to live a full life. Don`t be afraid to let your true powers shine! Be yourself, and you can discover something amazing

Positivity : We often forget how powerful our words and thoughts are. We often forget that if we think about ourselves in a negative way, we feel let down. But, on the other hand, positive affirmations can help us grow spiritually. Remember, you are perfect the way you are, and you have all the power to change your perception of yourself. It is time to love yourself and let go of negative thoughts. Look in the mirror every morning, telling yourself how beautiful you are, inside and outside. And know that this is the truth.

Peace : This week the Angels want you to focus on finding your inner peace. Your life might seem like a mess right now, but things happen all the time. It`s up to us to find peace among the chaos. And you need to know that you can do it. Take some time for yourself, away from distractions, away from stress. By creating peace within, we create peace outside, too. So, don`t feel bad for “wasting” time on yourself, as that`s not the case. You deserve every minute of peace. Make sure you feel relaxed and rejuvenated whenever possible. The Angels are helping you achieve this! Ask Angel Shanti for help.

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