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Weekly Angelic Message

Weekly Angelic Message

Weekly Angelic Message

People tend to become depressed during the winter months. We don`t get to go out that often, and even when we do it`s cold. The whole world is sleeping, and it is easy to hold still, waiting for spring to come.

But the Angels don`t rest even during these times. They are always here to guide us, sending us messages. They help us cope with any situation, including winter. There are certain types of Angels who send us inspiration, while others help us keep the fire burning. They can send us to incredible places, and they can help us meet our soul mates.

Even when you feel that they aren`t around, you are never alone. Whatever difficulties you are going through, the Angels want you to know that they are there for you.

Let`s consult them to see what they want us to focus on this week

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Courage: This week one of our Angelic Guides is Archangel Michael. He helps us realize our potential for changing our lives for the better. If there is something you wanted to do for a long time, what`s holding you back? Is it lack of courage? You need to know that it`s up to you how you live your life. And yes, change can be scary, but if nothing changes, you won`t grow, either. If you are afraid of failure, then concentrate on the aspect of winning. You have a purpose in life, and you are being pushed in a certain direction for a reason. You bring light to this world, don`t forget that!

Let go of doubt: You have asked for an answer, yet listening is something you need to learn. Maybe you don`t believe in your own intuition. Maybe you have doubts that the Angels are sending you signs. Deep down you know the answer. Pay attention to your dreams, thoughts and your inner voice. Your intuition is telling you which way to go. Stop looking for a sign outside of yourself, and let go of your doubt. Only you know the answer, and you have everything you need to solve the mystery. Your prayers are being answered, so listen carefully.

Confidence: Let go of your insecurities. They don`t serve your life`s purpose. You are perfect the way you are, and your insecurities and flaws make you human. Accept them, embrace them, and miracles will happen. Be confident knowing that you have all the resources you need. You are brave, beautiful and have a huge heart. You are here to help others, but you can`t do that until you learn how to love yourself. Be confident in your ability to count on yourself. And of course, you can always count on your Guardian Angels, too.

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