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Weekly Celebrity Horoscope – David Guetta

Weekly Celebrity Horoscope – David Guetta

Weekly Celebrity Horoscope – David Guetta

Happy 49th Birthday to one of the top DJs, David Guetta. But of course, his personality is much more than “just” about music. His birth chart can tell us a bit more:

David is very competitive, a true warrior. He isn`t afraid to challenge others and himself, and always plays fair. His courage and confidence is admired by others. He isn`t trying to show off, this is simply who he is. Competition is what gives his life a purpose. He looks at new challenges with a lot of enthusiasm and positivity. It is very difficult to make him angry, because he does everything in a measured way. He seeks justice whenever possible, and anything that sabotages that offends him. He doesn`t take violence easily (or lightly).

Let`s have a look at what the stars and planets have in store for him based on his birth chart:

Weekly Love Horoscope: Your senses are awakened right now, and everything seems more intense. You are ready to embark on this new adventure, but be careful. Too much good can lead to burn-out. Listen to your intuition or inner voice. It`s going to tell you what`s enough and when to take the next step. Try not to make any life-changing decisions this week, but rather enjoy the moment.

Weekly Carrier Horoscope: You have plenty of great ideas, and this is the time to put them into practice. Self-expression is important to you, that`s what makes you feel alive. And this week will offer plenty of opportunities for that. Try to keep an open mind, so that you don`t miss these chances. However, you might feel the need to experiment. Go for it, as something amazing can come out of it in the end.

Weekly Leisure Horoscope: You might feel lazy towards the end of the week. But it is also possible that you overwork yourself and need a break. Either way, you will likely feel the need to stay at home for the weekend. Although there will be plenty of offers, you won`t be in the mood to do anything “fun”. A quiet corner will suffice with a comfortable chair and some music. Although there is time needed to recover, make sure you don`t neglect your friends. Their support can be beneficial, and you might actually have a great time.

Weekly Health Horoscope: You might feel burnt-out by the weekend, accompanied by minor headaches. Although you are craving peace and quiet, you are unable to sit still. Close your eyes for a second and restore your energy. All you need to do is stop worrying, and the headache will go away. Don`t forget, you are in control. You just need to take it easy on yourself the next couple of days.

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