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Weekly Celebrity Horoscope – Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

Weekly Celebrity Horoscope – Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson definitely knows how to lose a guy in ten days. But that`s not all, of course. The famous actress took on many roles since her debut movie, Almost Famous. Well, we can quite confidently say that `almost` can be left off her title nowadays. Especially because she won a Golden Globe Award for that role, and her career has escalated ever since.

But there is always more to life than `just` fame, and Kate`s birth chart reflects that. Apart from being an exquisite actress, she is also a straightforward person. She tells the truth, and expects others to do the same. She lives in the present, and lives her life simply. She likes to stay active, and she is truly happy when things are happening at a fast pace. However, she can easily overindulge in small pleasures. She is generous, sincere and helpful. No matter what storms are swirling inside, on the outside she always remains calm and measured.

Now let`s see what the planets and stars have in store for Kate for the next seven days:

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Weekly Love Horoscope: You have too much energy, and not the means to get rid of it. You might be irritable, and this doesn`t look good for your loved ones. The week could bring minor quarrels and misunderstandings. A family member doesn’t agree with you, and you feel the need to convince them of your own truth. You might even feel angry and frustrated. Take a deep breath, it isn`t about winning the argument!

Weekly Career Horoscope: You tend to succeed in anything you do, and this week won`t be different, either. However, your impatience is easily spotted by others, and you might not react in the best way. There is a lot of competition at work right now, but you enjoy this aspect. Be careful though, just as in your love life, here as well winning isn`t everything. At least not this week. Try to focus on building personal and professional relationships instead. It might come handy later.

Weekly Leisure Horoscope: You feel the need to find a way to relive the excess energy. This might lead to yoga and other sports, even martial arts. Deep down you are a real fighter, and you always fight for what you want. And this time you want inner peace. Although staying active is in your nature, too much energy isn`t good, either. It can make you feel reckless and jumpy. Take a deep breath and close your eyes for a second. Don`t worry, the world won`t rush past you!

Weekly Health Horoscope: Despite your energy, you might feel lethargic. Unable to find your inner balance. Slowing down is key here, and taking a day or two to yourself is important right now. Go to a spa or a shopping trip, the most important thing is to take your mind off everything. At least for a little while.

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