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Weekly Celebrity Horoscope – Kris Jenner

Celebrity Horoscope Kris Jenner

Weekly Celebrity Horoscope – Kris Jenner

Every birthday is special, no matter whether you are a celebrity or not. It tells your story, which is unique, and only relevant to you. Of course, others can participate in the celebration, but you ultimately experience it alone. And that takes courage, no matter who you are. But the passing of years doesn`t only mean getting older, it also has a lot of potential.

Loved ones surround us with gifts, ones that represent how special we are to them. And to Kris as well, her 61st birthday brought a quite unusual, yet immortalizing gift. Although Kim Kardashian wasn`t able to participate in the celebration, she sent Kris a heart-warming present. The new emoji, or “Kimoji” is a way for Kim to show her love on this special day.

Happy birthday Kris! But can you expect any more surprises this week? Let`s have a look at what the stars and planets have in store for you for the next seven days.

Kris is caution when it comes to both professional and personal relationships. She looks after her finances, and isn`t one to over-indulge. Although she definitely knows how to live. The Moon controls most of her actions, so, her mood changes in a similar way as well. Sometimes full and happy, when other times sad and “broken”. Her emotions tend to be less controllable than her finances. She is also very empathetic, being able to tune in to others` feelings and emotions. Her intuition is heightened as well, although she doesn`t always listen to it in due course.

Weekly Love Horoscope: You have been dreaming about a trip to somewhere magical. Now is the time to go for it! You deserve a break, and matters of the heart come to the surface in the next few days. Whatever you are feeling right now, don`t be afraid to embrace it. Tell that special somehow how you feel, and you won`t be disappointed.

Weekly Carrier Horoscope: Even though you might give in to more pleasurable activities, work won`t be left off the agenda, either. Well, not completely that is. Your inner entrepreneur will shine bright this week, and you will want to write down all your ideas. Keep it going, but make sure that your main focus remains on relaxation and fun. This is your time to enjoy life to the fullest!

Weekly Leisure Horoscope: You are more dynamic than usual, so you get things done easily. You might even feel the need to get rid of that extra energy. You are desperate to try something new, and that will most likely be some kind of sport.

Weekly Health Horoscope: It`s very difficult for you to let go of your control. You want to control everything, including how you feel and how you look. But there are just some days when that can`t happen. And that`s OK! Sit bac, relax, and let things be for a little while, otherwise you might stress-eat.

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