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Weekly Celebrity Horoscope – Rihanna


Weekly Celebrity Horoscope – Rihanna

We have seen many sides of Rihanna, from the innocent to the hurt and vengeful. We watched her fall in love and literally grow up to become a beautiful woman inside and outside. But little do we know about what`s behind her masks. So, let`s have a look at Rihanna`s natal chart to find out more about her personality.

She is very adaptable, and can work together with anyone. And I mean anyone. It`s as if she had a secret understanding of those around her. She always says the right thing, and always knows how to comfort others. She is very understanding and open-minded. However, as much as she understands others, only a few (if any) understand her. Her compassion makes her feel the pain of the world. And quite often, she feels like it`s her duty to ease that pain. On the other hand, she feels all the happiness that one can achieve, too. We can say that she is truly in love with life itself, experiencing its ups and downs with intensity.

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Weekly Love Horoscope : Temptation, flirt, and adventure. Those are the three words that are going to describe this week`s romantic aspect. Your free spirit can come forth, and your charms will even be more successful than ever. But be careful, you might end up confused, if you don`t pay attention to the signs. Flirting can be fun, but too much good can lead to being burnt out.

Weekly Carrier Horoscope : This week is ideal for studying, learning new things. The emphasis is on new, because you will want to experience something different. Considerable progress can be made in terms of new contracts. If there is a project you have been dreaming of starting, then this is the time. Your creativity will shine, and you will reconnect with a part of yourself that has been dormant for a while.

Weekly Leisure Horoscope : Your focus will shift from material gain to a more spiritual aspect. You might turn to a higher entity for guidance. This week could see you pray a lot, and connect to the spiritual realms. This could also bring with it a need to meditate.

Weekly Health Horoscope : Old injuries might resurface, causing minor disruptions in your mood. You feel edgy and stiff, and this reflects in the way you handle things. A hot bath can sooth the strained muscles, and plenty of rest is recommended.

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