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Weekly Interactive Tarot Reading – Jan 21st 2019

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Here is your Interactive Tarot Reading Draw for the week ahead. Every week you get to send a message to the universe to show what lies ahead for you when drawing a Tarot card for the upcoming week.

If you have never done this kind of reading before, it is very simple. I have always loved readings where you pick your own cards and let the cards chose the answers for you.

Look at the image above and relax, focus on the first card that draws you in and that card will connect with your personal energy. Ready?

Once you have picked your card, you can scroll down to see it revealed then read the information for the week that carries your journey with it.





Going into the fourth week of January 20th, 2020, we are now moving into the Star Sign house of Aquarius on January 21st, 2020. The Water Bearer is strong-minded with no love for change but will always make it happen in their own way. A little bit of stubbornness mixed in with sheer genius to get things accomplished with their personal flair.

A New Moon in Aquarius suggests unexpected directions bringing a victorious outcome for you. Since all tarot cards were drawn in reverse this week, you can definitely expect any victory, windfall or winning outcome to come in unexpected ways with surprising results. You think you have it all figured out and the rewards come from a completely different source, out of nowhere and definitely not how you thought it would show up. Personally, I like surprises as long as I am moving forward with them.

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Tarot Card Draw #1: Seven of Pentacles (Reversed)

Get ready to finally see some benefits for all that hoping, manifesting, hard work and intentions you have been working on. With the card pulled reversed, as I mentioned above, those dollars falling on you from heaven this week will probably not show up or look like you had imagined or possibly wanted. But rest assured, whatever shows up this week for your benefit is definitely in answer to the intensity of your desires and wants. You will get to see that future projected idea of a want or desire to start sprouting. With the energy in reverse position, you are definitely thrilled your garden is finally producing but you thought you had planted carrots but what you have in front of you, is strawberries. Apples for oranges, still productive, just the universe stepping in and doing a little night gardening on your behalf.

Tarot Card Draw #2: The Fool (Reversed)

The Fool tarot is always about trusting in your own choices or discerning other people’s choices for you. I always read this card as one of self-love. If your definition of loving yourself is balanced and harmonious with the Divine, you can absolutely count on making a choice that will make you happy, feel good about yourself. On the downside, you will see the pretty snake in the grass full of empty promises, almost immediately. Your hair on the back of your neck will stand up. You may not know why but it is your higher self-reminding you to trust in your own heart and not someone else’s. With the Fool pulled reversed, it is a reminder to trust your own loving instincts and question everything and everybody who say they have your good intentions in their heart but you are not seeing anything to back it up. Watch for those red flags of emotional deceitfulness and trust your own love of self. If you have doubts, the Universe is always there to remind you there is a loving backup plan for you, all you have to do is ask.

Tarot Card Draw #3: King of Pentacles (Reversed)

The King of Pentacles is all about money, possessions and success, which in itself is not a bad thing as long as they don’t get put ahead of his heart connections. This King of Pentacles may be your partner, boss, family member or friend that just loves to impress you with all his self-worth based on possessions and accomplishments. They are a master of the sparkling bling approach in getting what he wants. In an upright position, they are the Kings of being spoiled to impress but this card was pulled reversed, so I am assuming the message is: “Not all that glitters is gold.” You hear lots of promises but not a whole lot of action to back them up. If you have someone in your life like this, your higher self is reminding you to get authentic and see what is real and what is your own hopeful illusion. If this is your own energy, a big reminder that you don’t have to have the best, be the best or go after the best to put a high value on what you offer.

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