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Weekly Interactive Tarot Reading – Mar 3rd 2020

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Here is your Interactive Tarot reading for the week. Every week you get to send a message to the universe to show what lies ahead for you when drawing a Tarot card for the upcoming week.

If you have never done this kind of reading before, it is very simple. I have always loved readings where you pick your own cards and let the cards chose the answers for you.

Look at the image above and relax, focus on the first card that draws you in and that card will connect with your personal energy. Ready?

Once you have picked your card, you can scroll down to see it revealed then read the information for the week that carries your journey with it.





Seven of Swords

Card 1

King of Pentacles

Card 2

Ten of Pentacles

Card 3

Going into this week we are still in the sign of Pisces until March 20th. Pisceans, the Fish, love to create a life of different experiences and are probably the most adaptable of all Sun signs. Usually, no life challenge can shake their faith in the idea that “this too shall pass.”

We are still in Mercury Retrograde until March 10th, we all know the cautionary tales that go with that. But in this particular Retrograde, because of the planetary line-up, it is more than just scattered energy being sprinkled everywhere, it is also a purposeful energetic disruption to bring expansion in stagnant areas of your life.

We have a Super Full Worm Moon, the last of the season before the equinox, coming up at the beginning of next week on Monday the 9th. It is called the “Full Worm Moon” because the season begins to change with the soil melting from winter months, allowing the s earthworms to come above ground. It is considered a re-birth Full Moon, with the earth awakening from its winter slumber.

Tarot Card 1: Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords always represents avoidance, procrastination or avoiding taking responsibility. But with the week still being in Mercury Retrograde and a Full Moon of re-awakening coming up on Monday the 9th, I would not necessarily take this draw as a negative process of not dealing with things of importance. I believe this card is a sign of whatever you have been putting off doing, saying or taking action on, will be maneuvered into a position that you have no choice but to finally take action. We are moving into Full Moon energy of awakening from slumber and this may finally be the week you wake up and realize that until YOU do something, a situation will stay the same regardless of who is doing what or when it is done. This card is pushing you to be pro-active in something you have been unwilling to deal with. Do it!!! It will not be as hard as you thought it was going to be.

Seven of Swords

Tarot Card 2: King of Pentacles

Drawing the King of Pentacles indicates a male energy who has influence over your finances, whether it be a boss, partner, friend or family or even a loaning institution that will cause you to re-think how your hard-earned dollars are being handled by this person. At whatever level of influence your money goes or comes to you, you may feel you want to take more control back where this male energy is involved with you financially. Always take into account the strings attached to a financial favor, as nothing comes without a price. If the price is easily met, then don’t hesitate, but if you see a possibility of the price higher than what your comfortable with in the future, find another solution…and there will be one.

King of Pentacles

Tarot Card 3: Ten of Pentacles

It looks like all the cards picked for this week has some undertones of financial decisions. With the Ten of Pentacles being drawn, it represents many people involved in your financial security. That of course, is always the case in almost any situation when you are focusing on your financial security. We have jobs, bosses, investment companies, banks, family, partners and of course, the decisions we make from our own pocketbook, receiving or putting out. Because of so many strong planetary influences are both leaving and coming in this week, it feels like it will be a major financial partnership that will be involved. Buying a new house, car, changing jobs, asking for a loan (or someone asking you for one), inheritances or changes in estate decisions. Whatever financial choices are laid before you, you will not be the only one involved in making financial changes. Money is a tricky energy when others are involved in your decisions of what choices you should make. Ask for divine guidance and you will have less second guessing over what you end up deciding.

Ten of Pentacles

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