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Weekly Interactive Tarot Reading – Nov 12th 2019

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Here is your Interactive Tarot reading for the week. Every week you get to send a message to the universe to show what lies ahead for you when drawing a Tarot card for the upcoming week.

If you have never done this kind of reading before, it is very simple. I have always loved readings where you pick your own cards and let the cards chose the answers for you.

Look at the image above and relax, focus on the first card that draws you in and that card will connect with your personal energy. Ready?

Once you have picked your card, you can scroll down to see it revealed then read the information for the week that carries your journey with it.





Mercury Retrograde hit us on October 31st lasting until November 20th Yikes! Mercury Retrograde is always a Murphy’s Law challenge (if it can go wrong, it will) if you allow it to be. We also have a Full Moon today on the 12th in the zodiac sign of Taurus. A full moon in Taurus always indicates an energetic level of finality and closure in your life. A sort of “let’s finally get this done energy”. But since we are Mercury Retrograde, be cautious about finally taking care of past issues and if at all possible, address them after the 20th. The energy of endings will be a big emotional pull this week with financial decisions coming out of nowhere and needing to be addressed. It could be you are ready to change addresses, change partners, change work or finally buy that new car. But don’t make any permanent decisions until a few days after the 20th of this month, when the Retrograde energy will be over. You can look or make plans but no rash words, actions or signing on dotted lines.

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Tarot Card Draw #1: The Moon (Reversed)

The Moon is always about getting real creative in your life and planting new seeds of thoughts and actions. Being pulled reversed, along with the Taurus full moon, you will find that new ideas and new plans just seem to pop into your head or ones you have been thinking of for awhile, is now beckoning you to do something about it. Being creative with your finances will be one of them. On a personal level, you may also feel strongly compelled to create a new “look” for yourself such as changing your hair color or getting it cut. And that is some serious creativity for a woman, as her hair is truly her crowning glory. Ask any woman who is having a “bad hair day”! lol! Pull the Moon reversed shows you have put something off for far too long and are running out of excuses to make that creative move in your life or how you want the world to view you. Just remember this is Mercury Retrograde week, so maybe just make the appointment for after the 20th.

Tarot Card Draw #2: Knight Of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles usually represents a man who is not too far up in years who and is someone you could describe as a solid foundation for everyone around him. Since we are in a Taurus Full Moon week, you may find yourself seeing his qualities of steadfastness, tried and true, stubborn, honesty to a fault and the salt of the earth (as the old saying for something that is necessary for it to work). This solid male influence in your life could come into play on almost any level; family, romantic love, children, husband, boss or friend. You may find yourself with that Taurus Full Moon into play, of wanting to change something that you absolutely loved about them before into something more unpredictable. Maybe a little boredom setting in. Having the energy of a solid and never-changing support can sometimes lead to dependency and this week with all the planetary factors going on, you just might want shake things up a little on how you two deal with each other. As I mentioned, it could be on almost any level of relationship but if the words come out of your mouth about them: “Oh, he is always like that”, “once he makes up his mind, he doesn’t change it” or “just once I would like to see him move out of that recliner on Footbath nights”, you may find yourself challenging those solid patterns you have always depended on or put up with. Good luck with that, as the Knight of Pentacles, once they make up their mind or fall into a habit, it’s like moving Mohammed’s mountain someplace else.

Tarot Card Draw #3: Ten Of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles is always focused on financial security, other people’s money and family and friend support. Since we are in a Full Moon Taurus, who is always focused on money and how to get it and being in Mercury Retrograde, it would probably not be a good week to ask for that raise or possible financial help from family or friends. You will have better results waiting until the following week. Beyond the energies of managing your finances, you will also find that family and friends are an important part of this week for you. It could be a week of birthdays, baby showers, marriages or (the least wanted) a possible funeral. The Ten of Pentacles shows support for you from many areas of your life when you need it the most. Try not to get lazy about attending your friend’s baby shower, family birthday party for your Uncle Bob or avoid showing family or a friend respect for a life passing. Your support will come back to you ten-fold from those who you are there for this week when you need it the most.

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  1. Thank you for card no2 and I am a Taurus and I have been with a female Taurus woman so I already know how it goes with us