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Weekly Interactive Tarot Reading – Oct 15th 2019

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Here is your Interactive Tarot reading for the week. Every week you get to send a message to the universe to show what lies ahead for you when drawing a Tarot card for the upcoming week.

If you have never done this kind of reading before, it is very simple. I have always loved readings where you pick your own cards and let the cards chose the answers for you.

Look at the image above and relax, focus on the first card that draws you in and that card will connect with your personal energy. Ready?

Once you have picked your card, you can scroll down to see it revealed then read the information for the week that carries your journey with it.





Going into the third week of October, we are coming out of a full moon on the 13th, called the Hunter’s Moon, as it appears bigger and more orange than your typical full Moon. We are in the astrological sign of Libra, representing the balancing of scales. With the full moon on the 13th, it will be an effort to get everything to work the way you want it to. From the Tarot cards pulled for this week, I would say it is going to be about romance or close personal relationships such as long-time friends, mother, father, siblings or children and what you receive from them. If you have a mentor complex where your boss is concerned, it could also possibly spill over into your career. Since the most powerful Tarot card pulled is the only card upright, this might be a week you will find yourself standing your ground with someone who you normally would give in to. Most possibly a male.

Tarot Card Draw #1: Two Of Cups (Reversed)

The Two of Cups is always about being ready for change. You are in a ho-hum energy about life and feeling everyday is the same ole, same ole. Stagnant and bored, a perfect card that supports the energy for the week. Pulling the card reversed, it indicates that a disruption of some sort pulls you out of your regular routine. Unexpected or you saw it coming, waiting for right time or the choices of others to be made first before you altered your direction or routine to bring about changes in the areas of your life that is ready for a good shake-up. Whether you knew the change was inevitable or you were completely blindsided and never saw the new door opening, one thing for sure, whatever the shake-up is, you asked for it and put it out there in the universe that you were ready to stop being bored with your life. This card also has underlying feelings of abandonment, so whatever the change is; of your own accord or forced upon you, you may feel like you are handling it alone. That may very well be why the change comes to show you how self-contained you can be when things don’t go as planned, for the better or not.

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Tarot Card Draw #2: Page Of Swords (Reversed)

The Page of Swords being drawn for this week is pushing your creativity and imagination into something new. With a youthful energy behind it, it could be your enthusiasm or an actual young person that you decide to partner with or help. Pulled reversed, it usually indicates that it is not a straight-line outcome you could foresee but something completely out of left field and tapping you on the shoulder from behind. Asking you if you are ready to get really creative about changing your daily routine. It may be as simple as pulling out the sketch pad, paint and canvas that you have not touched since you got into your relationship, became a mother, began a new career or got married. This week you will feel the nudge to find that artistic person you left behind and bring her out in the forefront again. It can also represent a desire to approach old routines and put a little spice into it.

Tarot Card Draw #3: King Of Pentacles

Pulling the King of Pentacles for this week shows that a prosperous and successful male will have a lot of influence on your personal life this week. Whether it is something you are wanting from him or he is asking something of you, it will be to your advantage to consider the opportunity. It could be a career change from a male associate, an offer of financial assistance from a friend, father or partner, or a male who is the driving force behind the changes you have been wanting to make. This feels very personal, so it may be directly connected to someone you have strong feelings for. Whatever the encounter is with this King of Pentacles, it will definitely be to your benefit, financially or personally. Follow it through.

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