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Weekly Numerology Forecast – Dec 23rd 2019


Master Numerology Weekly Draw

Merry Christmas From Susan Z To Our Wonderful 7th Sense Customers.

Welcome to your Numerology forecast for Christmas week of December 23rd through the Master Numbers.

We live with numbers every day and our universe is one huge mathematical equation. To choose your Master Number, close your eyes, focus on the Master Number that draws you in and see what your week’s numerology forecast will be for you.

If you are unfamiliar with Master Numbers in numerology or how to find your own life number, click on the link and it will explain what each Master Number foundation is.

Once you have picked your Master Number, it will support and coincide with the week’s Tarot number and your personal life number linked to it. Please remember this is a general reading but your personal life number will also form and direct the different outcomes.

Going into the fourth week of December 23rd, we have now moved into the Zodiac house of Capricorn until January 20th, 2020. We have a New Moon on the 26th of December. The New Moon, at 4° Capricorn is an annular solar eclipse. This December 2019 solar eclipse has an unforeseen fortunate event because the Sun and Moon align with Jupiter, the planet of growth, abundance and good luck. A good aspect to Uranus adding positive change and excitement.

It will be a Two Numerology week, 12/23/2019 = 1+2+2+3+2+0+1+9 = 20 = 2+0 = 2 with the supporting Tarot card of The Magician. Having the supporting tarot card of the Magician, the master of manifesting and stripping away illusion along with a Two Numerology week, which represents balance, love and partnerships, there should be lots of feel good moments this week. Possibly balancing out old wounds with new perspectives. They say a miracle is just a shift of perception and this week is definitely designed for a few of those.

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Choosing Master Number 11: Intuition

The Master Number 11 is always about your intuitive feelings and this week will be no different since you have pulled the Master Intuition card. Regardless of how unbalanced things may feel or stressful this week, there is a part from within, that says everything is somehow going to be ok. Even when the impossible solution shows up, all you have to do it close your mouth after being awestruck and remind yourself you KNEW something good was going to happen this week! Bear that in mind when you get together with the aggravating extended family and bless the universe you only have to be with them on family occasions.

Choosing Master Number 22: Master Builder

Always when you choose Master Builder 22 for the week, it is about building new foundations to teach what natural strength of self is and releasing feelings of fear for the future. With a two numerology week and supportive Magician tarot card chosen, whatever shows up this week for you, whether it be a small wind of good luck or a spectacular set of unbelievable good events, it will somehow change your life foundations (or start the process), of putting you on the path to a better life. Always remember that happy and special moments are what really causes our soul to grow in love to experience and embrace this gift of life. Yes, we learn and grow into adulthood by adversity but it is the small flower the universe hands you unexpectedly that shows you are loved beyond measure and all you have to do is feel and see it mirrored outward from within. The holidays are traditionally the time of year for family and try to set aside grievances and petty disagreements. Let the holidays be a mirror foundation you are trying to build your self-love on.

Choosing Master Number 33: Master Teacher

The Master Number 33 is about the lessons your soul will experience to spiritually grow. Most lessons as a human species, come from first experiencing what we DON’T want and eventually making the decision that you deserve better. Then you go about creating what that might look and feel like. With a Two numerology week and a supportive Magician tarot card, you can rest assured this holiday week will have at least one event that will teach you about self-love. Either the lack of it or how you might have missed it in the past. The universe is sometimes kind that way and instead of face planting us to GET the soul lesson, we are gently guided through an “AHA” moment, where it all makes sense and comes together for you. In whatever form or level it shows up as, you will get the message that everything flowing around you, through you and within you is in the energy of self-love. And then you pay that forward!

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Happy Holidays!

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  1. Merry Christmas & a very Happy, Healthy & Wealthy New Year to all. Thank you so much for the horoscopes & tarot readings. I really enjoy reading them every day. Much appreciated! Much love & lite

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