Weekly Numerology Forecast – Dec 2nd 2019


Master Numerology Weekly Draw

Welcome to your Numerology forecast for the week ahead through the Master Numbers.

We live with numbers every day and our universe is one huge mathematical equation. To choose your Master Number, close your eyes, focus on the Master Number that draws you in and see what your week’s numerology forecast will be for you.

If you are unfamiliar with Master Numbers in numerology or how to find your own life number, click on the link and it will explain what each Master Number foundation is.

Once you have picked your Master Number, it will support and coincide with the week’s Tarot number and your personal life number linked to it. Please remember this is a general reading but your personal life number will also form and direct the different outcomes.

Going into the first week of December 2nd, we are in the Zodiac house of Sagittarius beginning on November 21st. It will be an Eight Numerology week, 12/02/2019 1+2+0+2+2+0+1+9 = 17 = 1+7 = 8.

The supporting Tarot card pulled for this week’s Master Number forecast is the The Sun (Reversed). The number eight numerology week is all about justice, karmic balancing and a more positive attitude about life treating you well. An opportunity this week to possibly see a little karmic justice show up for you from a past injustice. Possibly still raw, you would relish the opportunity to bring on a little bad karma their way. Bah Humbug! There is no punishment in universal laws, only a belief system of a deserved punishment. With the Sun reversed as a supporting Tarot card, which usually means happy days ahead and tra-la-la, being pulled reversed, could be about not doing right by someone yourself and a reminder to make room in your heart to bring about happier conclusions by making it right with your own actions.

Choosing Master Number 11: Intuition

The Master Number 11 is always about your intuitive feelings and this week will be no different since you have pulled the Master Intuition card. With an eight numerology of the Intuitive Master giving you a strong feeling that things are going to work out ok and having a more positive attitude, even with the reversed Sun tarot foundation, you should feel pretty good about life this week. Nothing seems impossible and the perfect resolutions to past choices, that seemed like mistakes or bad impulsive decisions, will seem minor. With you coming up with the perfect solution for everything to be right in the your world.

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Choosing Master Number 22: Master Builder

Always when you choose Master Builder 22 for the week, it is about you building new foundations to teach what natural strength of self is and releasing feelings of fear for the future. Choosing the Master Builder in an eight-numerology week, with a reversed Sun tarot as a support foundation, you might find things you thought were going to have a really bad outcome, turns out to be just fine. Maybe not perfect but definitely not the end of the world conclusion you thought might happen. With this new approach to faith and trust in the future that it always somehow works out ok, even if you don’t know how, is one of the strongest soul foundation builders. It could be an eventful week of having your eyes opened to a more positive approach to challenges and realizing that it is only your negative belief of bad outcomes when things go wrong for you, might just not be how it actually is. There is good energy out there in the universe and within you that is moving mountains to help you create and keep foundations of trust, hope, faith, miracles and love of self.

Choosing Master Number 33: Master Teacher

The Master Number 33 is about the lessons your soul will experience to spiritually grow. With an eight-numerology week and a supporting reversed Sun tarot, you should see situations showing you lessons of faith and miracles. The Sun tarot card represents everything will work out ok, regardless. Pulled reversed, it may bring up situations to prove you wrong about not being optimistic about the future when challenges arise. If you are a nay-sayer in believing that prayer works, miracles do happen, without belief of faith, hope and trust, are the result reflections you will get. You just might have to eat a little crow this week when a situation proves you wrong about things actually working out. If you carry positive light, it will definitely be a week of getting to share with someone, “I told you so, if you stay positive, things will work out ok!” Nothing feels better than sharing your positive outlook with someone and proven to be right! Miracles do happen and if you stay focused on the good that you want in the future, it WILL show up in the energy of what you believe you deserve.

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