Weekly Numerology Forecast – Oct 1st 2019


Master Numerology Weekly Draw

Welcome to your Numerology weekly forecast for the first week of October, 2019 through the Master Numbers.

We live with numbers everyday and our universe is one huge mathematical equation. To choose your Master Number, close your eyes, focus on the Master Number that draws you in and see what your week’s numerology forecast will be for you.

If you are unfamiliar with Master Numbers in numerology or how to find your own life number, click on the link and it will explain what each Master Number foundation is.

Once you have picked your Master Number, it will support and coincide with the week’s Tarot number and your personal life number linked to it. Please remember this is a general reading but your personal life number will also form and direct the different outcomes.

Going into the first week of October, and moving into the sign of Libra from September 23rd through October 22nd, we have a Five Numerology week. 10/01/2019 = 1+0+0+1+2+0+1+9 = 14 = 1+4 = 5.

The supporting Tarot card for this week’s Master Number forecast is The Seven of Pentacles, which holds the energy of finally seeing the rewards of all your hard work and also heavy into “you reap what you sow”. A five-numerology week represents changes, beginning new cycles, learning and experiencing courage, a change to the better in your prosperity and can also bring in conflict of some sort.

Choosing Master Number 11: Intuition

Since the Master Number 11 is always about your intuitive feelings, having a five-numerology week with a supporting Seven of Pentacles Tarot, makes the bold statement of “you saw it coming!” This week you are going to see, feel and expect outcomes of choices you made in the past. Whether that be in your personal life, career, family or friends, you just have that feeling things are not going to stay the same. This week will be a pivotal week in the start of those changes or the finality of what has been in progress. If ever the statement “I just had that feeling” saying it all, it will be this week, if you have chosen this Master Number. Antennas are high for the changes you have been waiting for or did not know exactly what was going to change but you knew something was going make a difference in your life. With the Seven of Pentacles tarot supporting this Master Number, it will be more than likely not something that comes out of the blue and blindsides you but a situation you have been working on or had an idea of how it might turn out.

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Choosing Master Number 22: Master Builder

Always when you choose the Master Builder Number 22 for the week, it is about you building new foundations to teach you what natural strength of self is, bringing the feeling of fearlessness with it. Since we are looking at a five numerology week, which is always about bringing change into your life and with the supporting Seven of Pentacles tarot, you may feel the pressure to complete an idea, project or finally start building on that little seed of creative imagination you have been thinking about for awhile. Change is usually a scary thing, not knowing what outcome those changes may bring. Either brought to you by circumstances or ones you pursue. If you have chosen this Master Number for the week, you will more than likely start laying foundations for changes in your life. It could be as simple as finally getting those burgundy streaks in your hair you have been wanting for so long to leaving a bad relationship or looking for a new job. Whatever the push is, it is definitely something you have been thinking about doing for some time.

Choosing Master Number 33: Master Teacher

The Master Number 33 is about the lessons your soul came to experience in order to spiritually grow. There is nothing more powerful than shaking life up with changes to teach lessons of faith, trust, hope and learning how to maneuver through adversity without being a victim. The five numerology of change and acceptance for this Master Teacher with the Seven of Pentacles tarot supporting that Master Number, represents learning lessons of acceptance. You learn from the past and present, so you don’t carry forward what is not supportive into the future. This week, choosing this Master card, you may find yourself thinking a lot about the past and how you could have done things differently. When pigs fly!!!!!!! Once the choices are made in the past, unless you have a time machine, they are unchanging. What you can learn from past choices that have brought you to life’s arena in the present, is to accept that you did the best you could with what you had to work with. The person you were a year, five years or ten years ago, is not the same person evaluating your choices of today. If you are not happy with choices made by the old you years ago, then just bless that version of you, have compassion for her and recognize how much you have grown into making better choices now. Honor THAT woman or man!

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