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Wendy Williams tells it like it is… to Gwyneth Paltrow!

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams tells it like it is… to Gwyneth Paltrow!

Wendy Williams offered insight as to why Gwyneth Paltrow was previously voted most hated celebrity, a seemingly undeserved title that came as a shock to Gwyneth. I mean, surely there were more deserving winners. For someone who strives to be her authentic self and understands that she has been blessed with many positives in her life, she continues to be grateful for life’s joys. However, people who do not know Gwyneth may draw the wrong conclusions.

Wendy did attempt a form of explanation with regards to Gwyneth’s ‘uppity’ name, whose parents were Hollywood stars, funding a $52,000 a year New York high school, from which Gwyneth graduated. Wendy kindly verified that many people found Gwyneth a pleasure to work with but went on to suggest that maybe Gwyneth’s privilege and pleasant demeanour might make some people feel bad about themselves. A little jealousy maybe? Gwyneth’s lifestyle website goop.com recommends $250 smoothies and $300 grilled cheese sandwiches. A snip!

Véronique’s Verdict

So which cards did Gwyneth draw? She drew the Ten of Hearts, the Princess of Swords and the Fool. Success is in Gwyneth’s DNA and in her destiny. She is famous for many things, namely for being a beautiful talented actress. The Ten of Hearts tells us that Gwyneth’s authentic demeanour is as authentic as she would have us believe. She has found her spiritual family and her reputation is further enhanced through her associations and through her own correct action. The Princess of Swords shows a fun, youthful energy around Gwyneth, her mind continues to be agile and alert and there is a charming naivety about her, an intelligent manner with the directness of a child she is an expert at gaining her truth. The Fool represents Gwyneth’s current path, this major arcana card is the first card in the tarot deck, neither a plus nor a minus, this is a time for absolute faith, she will learn to take risks, albeit calculated risks. The Fool tells her that this is not a time for sophistication or searching for hidden meanings, just moving in a forward direction, with an open heart, not looking back. I wish Gwyneth all the best on this epic journey.

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