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Wendy Williams throws in her two cents worth on the Swift – Kardashian Drama.

Wendy Williams Weighs In

Wendy Williams throws in her two cents worth on the Swift – Kardashian Drama.

Many celebrities appear to have taken sides on the whole saga and now it’s time for the Wendy Williams’ perspective. A representative of Taylor Swift stated last February that Kanye had not called to get her approval on a lyric. The talk show host commented on the footage that Kim Kardashian shared on her Snapchat showing husband Kanye asking Taylor’s permission to rap some lyrics and following this Taylor took to Instagram to respond. Her message explained that Kanye never ran the ‘B’ lyric by her, stating that she could not approve a song that she had not heard. Wendy said that Taylor should have been honest from the beginning and just explained that she didn’t know all of the lyrics rather than act like she completely knew nothing about any of the lyrics. Kanye did sound very sweet on the phone during their conversation and it sounded like they had a very lovely conversation. Although Taylor knew what he was going to say, it sounded like she maybe had a right to be unhappy because of the questionable lyric. After consideration of the footage, Wendy stated that there wasn’t any evidence of specific’s being approved, other than Kanye saying he talked to Taylor about including her in the song, but failing to mention the line. ‘I made the B-famous,’ The saga continues!

Véronique’s Verdict

So what do the cards reveal around this ongoing saga! We have the Devil, the Six of Pentacles and the Death Card. Where to start… Well, the Devil is very much a card pertaining to material gains, the message here is that if material objects are needed to make one feel good about themselves then there will be a period of emptiness. The six of Pentacles is the money card in this instance and fulfilment is found through the generosity of others, financially and emotionally. The Death card is not to be feared, it does appear to be a worry to some when making an appearance. Here it relates to a profound change, which if resisted could lead to a painful situation. Change should not be feared at this time and a transitional period is revealed. I feel that we will hear of some form of resolution in the Kardashian – Swift saga, but there is still much mileage in this drama yet.

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