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What are your angels trying to tell you? A guide to angel numbers

Do you wake up every night at 3:33 am? Maybe you keep getting receipts, passing addresses, or seeing social media “likes” or views totaling 444. If so, you may have heard of angel numbers. Although they can present as any series of digits, such as birthdays, prices, addresses, what makes these numbers special is the frequency with which they catch your attention.

When you start to notice angel numbers, note what circumstances, thoughts, and people they pop up around. Is there an emotion or physical sensation they are accompanied by? This can help you gain even deeper insight into what your angels are trying to tell you.

Have you ever plugged your angel numbers into a search engine and ended up swamped in ambiguous paragraph after paragraph, with more questions than you started with? Search no more! This is the most straightforward guide you’ll find, with easy-to-remember alliterations that will take the guesswork out of your angelic messages.

Angel Number Meanings


When life gives us a big “goose egg,” we aren’t too pleased – like your bank account or favorite sports team, but zeros are an auspicious sign of new beginnings, fresh opportunities, and your angels’ blessings. You are not alone!


Do you see 11:11 or 1:11 every time your glance at a clock? Your angels want you to focus on manifestation and mindfulness. It is a call to trust your intuition and observe your thoughts because what you think you create. Manifest the best!


The busyness of life can easily undermine our alignment. When you see 222, your angels want you to take a deep breath, ground yourself in the beauty of the present moment and refocus on your higher purpose. Be here now!


Known by some as the twin flame number, the angelic message when you see 333 is that the divinity of the universe is weaving magic throughout your daily life, answering prayers and attracting abundance. Believe in miracles!


Angels and guides are always near, but sometimes when things get dicey, we forget! When you see 444, have faith that the divine is guiding, answering, and protecting you. Focus on your spirituality. Trust in the power of prayer!


When your whole life seems to be upended, your angels may offer you encouragement with 555. It is a sign that change, while uncomfortable, is near and necessary, and with their divine support, you can conquer the challenges you face. Believe in yourself!


Not the scary number we’ve been taught to fear, 666 is a sign to empower yourself, taking responsibility for your life, and elevate your mindset, overcoming negative thoughts that stand in the way of your progress. Your thoughts determine your reality!


Anxious about the unpredictability of life? 777 is a reminder of the spiritual transformation you are undergoing. All you need to do is let go and trust that your angels are working tirelessly for your greatest good. Let go of what you have and receive what you need!


The number 8 represents the infinite flow of divine energy surrounding you. 888 encourages you to be grateful for the love and abundance your angels are channeling to you and reminds you to ground yourself in alignment with Spirit. Gratitude changes everything!


A sign your current phase of learning, growth, or healing is ending, 999 means a job well done, but now is not the time to quit. As you’re about to reach the peak. Ask yourself what the next mountain you envision yourself conquering is? With every end comes a new beginning!

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    1. Ex’s should be exactly that! Ex’s… Look to your own needs n wants and love yourself and life for a while and let some New n exciting feeling flow for you. They may very well possibly be some truly good things come your way. Trust in your future and that piece of mind may also bring you peace in your heart!

  1. Thank you for everything! Can you please tell him Gary… Not sure If you know it or not but he is very special.. here waiting and everything is going to be ok. Sending my love..