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What Can We Learn From Past Lives?

past lives

Do Past Lives Really Exist?

Past lives can be a touchy subject to bring up. Some people become offended since they think it’s sacrilegious, while others have an inner knowing that they have lived before. Reincarnation is similar to God and the afterlife, there isn’t solid scientific proof and varied opinions.

In the 90’s, I attended a two day seminar on the topic of life after death. One of the top speaker was Dr. Raymond Moody, who has been called the “father” of near death experience starting with his bestselling book “Life After Life.” During his lecture he said, “Some people believe in the one shot theory.” That sentence made me laugh at first, although it also caused me to ponder; if our Higher Source allows us many chances to correct our mistakes and change, why not more than one life to learn the great wisdom of the universe?

Past Life Regression

Past life regression (PLR) is one major way of discovering if we have lived before. Some of these past lives have been researched with amazing validity; however, there will always be naysayers no matter what proof is presented.

Whatever your opinion is on PLR, when done with a professional hypnotherapist the results can be beneficial for you. For example, if you are claustrophobic: induced into hypnosis, brought back into a past life, relived being buried alive in a coffin, brought to the afterlife to discover the reason for the event, and upon awakening are no longer afraid of being in tight spaces. Does it matter if this was an actual past life? Instead, what is important is the therapeutic results.

Another way to figure out if you have lived before is to pay attention if there is a time period or certain nationality which stirs up “a deep connection.” Perhaps you are attracted to the Victorian age, Ancient Egypt, or the roaring twenties. Here’s a personal example:

When I was eight, I went to the movies with my family. I can’t recall the movie, yet there was a scene of Native Americans being slaughtered, which caused intense sobbing, and the grief I felt was horrific!
Now, you could say that I was just a child being affected by a movie; nonetheless, no movie has ever stirred up those deep emotions. Plus, upon doing a bunch of PLR, I’ve had more Native American lives than others.

Are you intrigued to discover your past lives? The following seven tips may help you to remember yours:

  1. Recall any dreams that were in another time period or if you were someone else.
  2. Investigate time periods that fascinate you.
  3. Participate in a group past life regression workshop.
  4. Do a session with a certified hypnotherapist, who has an excellent reputation.
  5. Listen to a PLR meditation CD or MP3.
  6. Research reincarnation through books and the internet. Keep a journal of your recall, thoughts, or any other information on past lives.

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Pamela’s Verdict

Will you be able to prove that you truly lived other lives? Sadly, no, although you will probably enjoy the journey. Are you wondering why you should bother if you won’t have solid evidence? The reason is you will discover more of who you are, why you are the way you are, and to motivate you to make positive changes.

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  1. I would love to learn more! I have a few phobias that I believe are from a past life. I feel very strong connections to specific geographical locations, ancestors, and era’s. I have been introduced to hypnosis, shamanic journeys, self hypnosis, and outer body experiences. I have experienced NDE, Spiritual Awakenings, and intense healing powers.