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What Does Spiritual Guidance Mean?

spiritual guidance

What is Spirit?

Human beings have forever looked to the heavens for guidance, in the belief that a greater power exists beyond all the solid things we see around us. Spirituality is a feature of almost every culture and has been given many names with many different methods of evoking it, but all civilizations have some level of belief in it.

Spirituality is the very energy that controls the seas and the stars; the one that makes the trees grow; the same energy that allowed you and I to come into being, and to which we must return when our time here is complete.

Many of those who we loved here on earth have passed and become, once again, part of this great energy. Through their love and connection to us, we are connected eternally to the great spiritual source.

What is Spiritual Guidance?

Most of us are aware that when our final day on this plane comes, we pass to spirit.

Knowing that many of our loved ones – our parents, grandparents, etc. – have passed before us, we trust that they will help make the spirit world as welcoming and as warm for us as they did when we came into the earthly world.

So when we go for a spiritual reading, we send our life energy to meet with theirs, and we once again ask them for guidance.

Why Spiritual Guidance?

When our loved ones enter the world of spirit, the problems of earthly existence are simple and futile to them, as being in spirit they have the power to see all the solutions to all the problems that are big to us, but small to them.

Turning to family in our hour of need is what we did as children, and it’s comforting to know we still have a method of doing it today. With spiritual guidance, we ask the departed, with whom we had a strong connection, to intervene on our behalf with spirit and assist us on our life journey.

How Does Spirituality and Tarot Connect?

Tarot is often used as a tool to channel messages and project our will to and from the spiritual realm. Readers will very often enter a trance-like state, which enables them to connect with spirit. Their goal is to connect and channel messages back and forth. This works the same way in mediumship, tarot readings, angel readings and many other methods of divination practiced across the world since ancient times.

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