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What Dragonflies Represent for Each Star Sign


When You Start Seeing Dragonflies

Being a Libra, the dragonfly is my animal totem and I have a fascination with them, especially as I begin to see the world differently as I get older. The one thing about animal totems is they pick YOU! There will be an attraction and fascination with the animal long before you are aware it is the message bringer. Sometime, dragonflies will be a spirit messenger from a passed over loved one to let you know they are alright.

Dragonflies have always had a magical vibe to them and connected to spiritual awakening and growth. If that is the path you have chosen in this incarnation, then you will see them often and be attracted to the image of them in almost anything. They are a reminder of the true values of happiness in life. Just as they change colors as they mature, they represent the changes of our soul’s light as it matures. They are a reminder to live your life in authenticity, be flexible and aware of the power of the positive energy within you. They have 360-degree vision, being able to see everything thing around them and change flying direction instantly. We could all use a little of that! People assume seeing dragonflies on a continuous basis only means changes are coming but there are other subtle messages if you open your thoughts when you see them. The appearance of dragonflies on a continuous basis has a different message for every zodiac energy.

Aires – 3/21 to 4/20

A new adventure is about to begin for you, be on your toes and take advantage of it. Keep your need to be right under control for this new adventure to explode into success. Possibly others will be making decisions to implement your success and Aires so does love to be in charge.

Taurus – 4/21 to 5/21

A sign that you will have to use that patient and warm personality to keep a situation or person dragging you into jealousy or envy, which is the Taurus’s Achilles heel. Dragonflies are also a sign your prosperity is changing for the better. Focus on your own good fortune!

Gemini – 5/22 to 6/21

A difficult decision is to be made, bad or good, and will bring up nervousness about making the right one. A natural trait in Gemini’s. Seeing dragonflies on a regular basis when you are in the middle of making an important decision, remember what you were thinking about when you noticed them as they will help with an authentic evaluation.

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Cancer – 6/22/ to 7/22

Review how you are handling a love situation. Are you being too caution, too clingy or too protective in fear it will go away? The dragonfly in swarms or constantly just one you notice is a reminder that everything needs freedom and breathing space

Leo – 7/23 to 8/21

Seeing dragonflies is a reminder to the powerful Leo that occasionally to take into account someone else’s side of a situation. A simple character perk in Leo’s is believing they know what it best for everyone.

Virgo – 8/22 to 9/23

Virgo is one of the most practical and analytical signs of the Zodiac. When dragonflies start to appear on a regular basis, it is a message to loosen up a little. There are some things in life that you just have to go with the flow.

Libra – 9/24 to 10/23

The dragonfly is the animal totem for Libra. If questioning a choice, remember what you were thinking of when they appeared. Because it is your animal totem, the message is to always follow your heart when making a life choice.

Scorpio – 10/24 to 11/22

Scorpio is the most powerfully emotional astrology sign. They are passionate about everything they do. When this fiery sign is followed by dragonflies, it is a message that what you have been putting a lot of energy into is about ready to come about. A reminder to keep moving and breathe through the receiving of it.

Sagittarius – 11/23 to 12/22

Usually always optimistic and straightforward with their approach to life. Dragonflies have come to celebrate with you and also to remind you to make sure you are not making decisions with rose tinted glasses on and giving up something important to you to have what you think you want at the moment.

Capricorn – 12/23 to 1/20

When you are blessed with dragonflies showing up in your presence, it is usually a humorous message to see the good around you and not focus on being so disciplined. Get a sense of humor about yourself.

Aquarius – 1/21 to 2/19

Dragonflies are attracted to this astrological sign because of their friendly and humanitarian nature. When you begin to see them in clusters, it is a reminder to you to allow the unpredictable to happen in your life without resistance.

Pisces – 2/20 to 3/20

Dragonflies usually show up for Pisces when they are having an emotionally hard time. Whether to cheer you up or remind you that your compassion and sensitivity is your finest quality. If that is not understood by the people around your, those aren’t your people. Find them!

Susan Z’s Verdict

They are beautiful, free and see everything around them clearly. Constantly on the move and occasionally bringing a message to a soul who needs some direction. Do some re-thinking on your decisions when they start appearing to you on a regular basis.

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