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What drove Patton Oswalt to the brink of despair?

Patton Ozwalt

What drove Patton Oswalt to the brink of despair?


Patton Oswalt was once a happily married man, with a loving wife and child. Like everyone, there was no need to assume that it would ever change, but it did, and it ended suddenly. His wife Michelle McNamara had been working long hours investigating “The Golden State killer” and Oswald remembers telling her to sleep until she woke. He had gotten their 7-year-old daughter Alice up for school and continued with his day assuming she was having her sleep on, but when he went to check on her, she was not breathing. Patton said the hardest thing was telling his 7-year-old daughter, that her Mother was dead.

Firstly, our sincere condolence to you both Patton and Alice. The passing of a loved one is hard enough, but when that person is young, and the passing comes without warning, it is utterly devastating. Here at the 7th Sense Psychic line, it is something we come across a lot. Although we do not contact those who have passed on the line. We do explain from a spiritual point of view how we view passing of a loved one.

Out of respect for those who have passed, and those who are here. I will not turn cards. But I will share with you something I believe quite sincerely.


We believe that we are all energy beings on a human journey. Just as with our flesh and blood, our children inherit a piece of our energy. Energy never dies and this is noted as a scientific fact. So, Alice will always be connected to her Mother through her energy. Through Michelle and your love for her, you will also remain connected. Michelle’s energy will never die. When you both met, your energies recognised something in each other that brought you together. That connection still lives. No, she is not in the solid world, but you can feel her through your thoughts and you will know when she is within your energy field. You now have a daughter to raise and she will be helping you from afar.

Always know that she is only a thought away. You are in our hearts and minds from all here at 7th Sense Psychics.

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