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What happens when we spiritually wake up?

spiritual awakening

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

We have heard the phrase “spiritual awakening” more times than we care to admit on our quest to find inner peace, value and happiness in our life. For that to happen, we must be somewhat aware that we are spiritual beings first having a human experience and not just living a life and having a spiritual moment. There are many definitions of what spiritual awakening is from the tiniest “aha” moment of loving and valuing self and others to the deepest and profound life experience.

The moment we become accountable for our life journey, the waking up begins, assisted by guides, angelic beings and your higher self. Humanity is mostly asleep, meaning we are not aware that everything in the world and all sentient beings are part of you and not separate. And what does it mean to be spiritually asleep? Our level of awareness about the connections all around us has declined to a point where we feel separate from everyone and everything. The news carries the violence, hatred, greed and blame everyday.

Being spiritually asleep describes life in an active addiction: avoiding changes that need to be made, isolation, willing to do or take anything to avoid discomfort and repeated self-destructive behavior. All this distracts you from spiritual reality.

There is a movie called Powder made in 1995 of a boy who had no skin pigmentation and was completely white as a result of his mother being struck by lightning when she was pregnant with him. He was raised in isolation on his grandparent’s farm because when people looked on him and then saw his intellectual and paranormal gifts, it made them uncomfortable. One of those gifts was a connection with Oneness.

A scene from that movie makes the point of what spiritual awakening looks like. When the young boy forced the hand of a cold-hearted deputy who had just shot a deer, he made him become what the dying deer was, feeling all the terror, fear and sadness as life left it.

The brutal energy of the man was lost and from that point on, he could never pick up a gun or hurt any living thing. Was he happy about the change, no…. he was a mess because everything he believed about separateness of us and them was eliminated. It is rarely an easy transition to let go of ego’s definition of what our humanity is.

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What Does Spiritually Waking Up Mean?

It is a state of consciousness of being quiet within and a conscious connection. The duality between you and the world ceases to exist and the presence you, the God Spark within, is in unity with the Universe. That is why meditation, quiet time and prayer are so important to the soul’s growth and sanity.

The emphasis is shifted from “I am this and that,” of who you think you are to “I am.” An existence free of forms and shapes. You are alert to the flow of life around, recognizing that it is just a movement of energetic events that are all connected is some way.

We are multidimensional beings and our earthly aspects are a very small part of who we are. I realize what I just said might have sound “out there” but it is rare that a human being goes through life without at least one “rapturous” moment when all is right with their world. That is what being in flow is about.

Do most of us live in the reality of me, myself and I and oh yeah, them too…of course we do. But the new Aquarian energy on earth is not allowing us to be asleep anymore and we are definitely waking up! It is pretty damn scary for some and at the very least, challenging for most but worth it…hell yes! Here are some signs of waking up and what to do with them:

Five Things That Happen During a Spiritual Awakening

  1. You are now emotionally moved by everything around you, whether in joy, righteous anger or wanting to make change. If you are emotionally detached and dead about someone’s misfortune because it has nothing to do with you, you are asleep. If you can feel and relate to other’s pain, joy or life situation, you are waking up. Do what you can to help those you wish and pray for the rest. Always see a right outcome for all involved.
  2. You begin to feel the strong desire to pursue spirituality in earnest in whatever form that means to you. The basic understanding of that need is to recognize with your whole being your connection to everyone and everything around you. This is often referred to as “the mystical experience” as described by Alan Watts, or the rapture. Read books, get audios, join groups, join blogs, find shamans who teach a spiritual path.
  3. You begin to regain consciousness and feel a remembrance that we have always been connected with the oneness of the universe. This is important because it can help us recognize how the mistreatment of others is no different than cutting off your left hand or poking out one of your eyes. In simple terms: “do unto others as you would have done to you.”
  4. You begin to discover there are many levels of awareness that come with waking up and ultimately being awake.
    • Some people are born awake and remain awake during their entire lives. This is very rare but not unheard of, they are usually considered avatars on some level.
    • A catalyst of events can also cause an awakening within a person. Powerful transformation doesn’t have to be painful but for some it does come with a lot of pain. Some people speed up their awakening process when they experience a powerful trauma or are diagnosed with a terminal illness.
    • Other advanced and awakened souls can appear into your life and will assist another soul in waking up faster to a higher awareness. (FYI: You will only awaken to the degree of awareness your teacher brings.)
  5. Take action on the new vibrations of being awake. The big question has always been: What do I DO now that I Am awake? This is one of the most obvious recognitions of an awakened soul, the need to do something about the new way they see themselves and the world! Be of service, help others, separate yourself from negative energies in your life, learn to meditate, do yoga, get healthier, read more, listen to soothing music, enjoy nature more. It is putting that new awareness into action is where the new spiritual growth will be felt in your life.
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Originally posted Nov 20, 2017

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  1. Is thing going to look up for me.
    Is my luck going to change for me!
    I need to find a place to stay and going to hit the Lotto. I need my luck to change for me?

  2. Lue,

    So sorry but we do not answer personal questions on the story page. Please contact one of our great psychics to help you find your answers.

  3. What a wonderful post! I have been saying for weeks somthing in the universe is changing. I am changing I can feel it, see if and I know it.. at first not being able to put my finger on what was different but just a knowing that it was and is..
    This all now makes perfect sense. Aways been awake then due to a dark period in my life I went to sleep… finally I am awake again and seeing things for exactly how they are. Gratitude of its highest level long may it last!thank you Universe ❤