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What has Marion Cotillard got to say about Brangelina?

Marion Cotillard

What has Marion Cotillard got to say about Brangelina?

Marion Cotillard has come out to make a comment on rumours about herself and Brad Pitt. Apparently, some media reporters have noticed that she acted with him, added 2+2 and came up with 8. It would appear now that every actress. That has ever stood within 2 feet of Brad Pitt on a movie set, was having an affair with him. Marion quite rightly stuck back at these accusations and defended her reputation and also the reputation of Brad Pitt.

Marian Cotillard has enough on her plate at the moment, as she has just announced that she is pregnant. And no it is not Brad Pitts baby. She has made it very clear.Business is business and there is only one man in this world for her. That man is her Husband “Guillaume Canet.” She also confirmed, just in case that wasn’t enough for some people. That yes, the Baby she is expecting is her husbands. It is obvious that Marion Cotillard is a lady of class. While making it clear she should not be dragged into someone else’s private life and their problems. Now hopefully, she can get on with enjoying her pregnancy.


Let’s see what the cards have in store for Marion Cotillard.

The Five of Cups indicates how easily things can be taken the wrong way.  It’s a sad price people pay for fame. However, Marion, it is nothing you have not already started to put to rest. People like sensational. And they don’t care who gets hurt while they are achieving their goal to blow something out of the water. I have no doubt your clarity in this issue has been appreciated by the Jolie, Pitt Family.

The Queen of Wands shines a light on your present situation. The Queen is the Mother figure in the deck, and wands indicate health both mental and physical. The last thing you need now Marion is to be worrying about things that are untrue. It’s time to look inward and absorb every moment for the sake of your family. This should be a happy time. And I’m sure it will be for all involved.

The Three of Cups is the family card. Cups are issues of the heart and the love that exists within your family. I have no doubt as you said, you have married the right man. This little family unit it a strong one. With years of happiness to be enjoyed. Think ahead, focus on the child that is entering your family and then leave all other things to one side. This is a time for family and family only.

We wish to express our sincere congratulations to you, Marion Cotillard and your husband Guillaume Canet on your wonderful news.

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