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What has Tracey Morgan got to say to the driver who hit him?

Tracey Morgan

What has Tracey Morgan got to say to the driver who hit him?

Tracey Morgan has said he has made peace with the driver of the truck which hit him in 2014. After which Tracey was left in a coma and fighting for his life. The multi-talented actor singer comedian said he has made peace with the situation. Tracy had already enough problems to be dealing with in his life. He had earlier battled with diabetes, and had a kidney transplant and battling alcohol abuse. He has already had his fair share of problems, but still manages to keep a smile for his audience. But as usual with those who spend their life making us laugh, their own problems are hidden well below the surface.

To Tracey Morgan, Well done Tracey, you have shown that you have a good heart. Forgiveness helps to heal so many lives and ease the pain all around. Holding on to the anger only prolongs the healing process. Karma will repay you in time. In the meantime, I’m sure the driver of the truck will be relieved. No one sets out to crash their car. Whatever the cause, it cannot be reversed. Even grief and regret can’t turn back time and undo something that has been done.

Now I know Tracey Morgan that karma will repay your forgiving heart. Let’s throw out a few cards to see what your journey holds.

The Three of Swords
This is the card of stress. It points back to the things that you have endured and where they have brought you. When people go through tough times in their lives, they tend to find an unknown strength. This is character building, and it will carve the new you into the person you will become. Your ability to forgive and move on shows a higher awareness. It shows someone who has learned the true value of life.

The Hanged man
This is the card of sacrifice. This is something you would be very familiar with through your life. We know you have demons you battled in the past. But things had to be sacrificed so that others could be gained. A cup can only hold so much, so to receive the good things in life, we must make room for them. Your life should be at a major turning stage soon. And you can use your lessons to help others.

The High Priestess
This is the card of wisdom. Your lessons did not come easy or gracefully. Life dealt you a hard hand to play. You have used it well. You have opened your heart to forgiveness and understanding that he did not set out to deliberately hurt anyone. What happened just seemed to happen, and he will live with the shock of that for the rest of his life. You can’t take that from him, but you have done what you could.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Out of the ashes of chaos and pain, rises a very enlightened man. You have set a shining example of how things can be done in a different way. You have shown that you understand other people’s suffering and pains even over your own. If there were more like you in this world, it would be a better place. I’m drawn to the spring and the month of March for you. There appears to be a happy event in which karma will deliver some of her good rewards. Not one to be stuck to a human clock, she is on her way, all you need to do is have faith in Karma.

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