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What is causing Harry Potter star Devon Murry such pain?

What is causing Harry Potter star Devon Murry such pain?

What is causing Harry Potter star Devon Murry such pain?

When we look at Devon Murray on Harry Potter, we expect that his life is a cosy one. And the worst thing that could happen is that he forgets to do his wizard homework and turn something into a frog. But being World Mental Health Day on October 10th, he took the brave step of coming forward and admitting that he suffered from depression, and had done so since the age of 10.

Mental Health is something that scares people. Because they don’t understand it. Yet almost everyone suffers from it at some level at some stage in their life. Today’s world lays too much pressure on children and young people. It gives them a goal, and they have to find the way to achieve it. If they somehow lag behind in certain areas, they are deemed to be failures. It is time to change this.

Far too many young people predominantly men are taking their own lives, because of the pressure society places on them. It’s time to change.

Devon Murry, I commend you for your stance and your honesty. I can remember those days when they told you that you had to be this or that. They gave you the destination but not the map. They judged if you were different or individual. If you don’t think or do like they do it upsets some people. I celebrate difference. Your struggle isn’t because there is something wrong. It’s because you are gifted. You just need to find the place to put that gift to its best use. The world needs your input. That’s why you are here. I just wish more young people knew this.


Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

These cards are for you, Devon Murry.

The Page of Coins

This card is about building your future. It’s about putting forward the things you want your world to be. You don’t need to achieve everything today. So take the pressure off for a moment. Look at what makes you happy in life, and go for it.

The Eight of Swords

Forget about trying to please those who refuse to see. They are not walking your path. Life will always have rocks on the road. Gather them up and use them to build a bridge to your destination. Don’t be a victim of other people’s ignorance.

The Four of Cups

This is the card of love and balance. The number for signifies support and balance, like the number of legs on a chair. On an emotional level, it’s important that you surround yourself with positive people. Learn from what the depression thought you. Strangely it’s where you will find the answer to the problems that life throws. Your priority is happiness. Find it, it is yours for the taking. Look at the spring of 2017, there appears to be a light, “opportunity” going on for you there.

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