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What Your Aura Color Says About You

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What Your Aura Color Says About You

Aura color reading is another gift that I am in awe of, I don’t have the ability but I know many that do. Reading auras is not real high up on the list of being specially gifted, some can do it and some can’t. I have known people that have minimal psychic abilities or none at all they are aware of and can see people’s auras.

I have been blessed with many psychic abilities but I am unable to see auras nor have I ever experienced Deja Vu, which is a common phenomenon and experienced by people who would never consider themselves having any psychic gifts. I assume, what comes naturally you use and what doesn’t, if you really want to learn, do so. Oh! And then you have those nifty Kirlian photography machines that can snap your aura color!

So, what is an aura? It is an energy field that is often called the window to the soul. Every living thing has an aura color that radiates from the chakras and cells, called energy centers. Vibrations produced by this energy manifest through colors. The color, size and shape of an aura can reveal many details about a person’s thoughts, spiritual health, personality and disposition. You can have several aura colors located in different areas of your body, indicating energetic flow and/or blockages.

If you can find someone that can read auras or have the opportunity to get your photograph taken by a Kirlian aura color reading machine, this is what your colors will mean.

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Red reflects strong energies of repressed anger. Red may also stand for a materialistically-oriented person and an unbalance between sexuality and love.


Orange is a mix of red and yellow showing an uplifting and captivating spirit. The color may also be a sign of power and a desire or ability to control others. When an orange aura glows strongly, it may create a halo that signifies a spiritual teacher.


Yellow usually is a sign of strong mental awareness. People with yellow auras usually are filled with inner joy and make great spiritual teachers. The color also symbolizes non-attachment and generosity. If the color is blended with gray, black or brown and appears muted or murky, the aura indicates someone who uses their mind for manipulation or control. When yellow mixes with murky green, it may be a sign of jealousy and resentment.


Green is a sign of balance and harmony. This earthy color also reflects a balanced relationship between the spirit and the physical body. When green appears to be murky, the person may experience jealousy or have tendencies to be selfish, possessive or manipulative. It can also represent sympathy and compassion.


Blue is a high spiritual color that implies balance, harmony in life and strong energy. Auras with darker blue areas shows a person who is normally easy going and a strong survivor. The presence of blue is usually positive but the lighter shades may also indicate melancholy and victim energies.


Violet indicates a powerful spirituality and a sense of selfless love. Teachers often have bright violet auras, as do people who have made a commitment to be of service or are strong on the spiritual path.


Turquoise generally means a high energized personality and have the ability to influence others. These people are often good organizers and multitaskers. They usually make good bosses but may also find themselves bored easily.


Pink is a mix of violet and red, representing an ideal balance between the material world and high spiritual awareness. A pink aura is rare and the color usually appears only as a subtle color instead of dominating the aura.


Smoky colors that do not glow like brown, sulfur and gray usually show negative thoughts of non-acceptance of spirituality, depression, unclear intentions, anger, pain or unsettling intentions.


Black signifies the absence of all positivity in life. People with black auras may experience extreme negativity and live a shadowy life. This color indicates a blockage in one’s life energy as a result of a lack of light.


White is an aura that glows with no colors and represents total harmony but may indicate extreme sickness or substance use which blocks out energetic signals. For example, people who are dying have a completely white aura hours before death. The whiteness increases in intensity until the moment of death arrives and the person is then enveloped in a bright white aura.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

If you look around at the amazing colors the Creator painted our world in, it makes perfect sense that we too would have colorful energetic emanations. The cool thing about auras, as with all energy, is that it changes and fluctuates constantly as your own emotions, feelings and physical body does. What a creative painter the Universe is!

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  1. I have a friend that can see others aura… & Over my 46 years, I’ve become more aware of my gifts surrounding my spirituality, faith & acceptance in Life. My journey is screaming for guidance in LEARNING the power that resinates in my gifts & utilize them to fulfill my destiny & live out my PURPOSE! Im on fire & open for the discipline & the wisdom to follow this THRU. Any and all information you can provide me with would be appreciated! Thanks

  2. I would like to know my aura color also!! How can we fined that. Out anyone know???? Thanks Marsha??

  3. As I mentioned in the article, the gift of seeing one’s aura is a gift. If you are lucky to know someone that has that gift is the one way. The best way is usually at psychic fairs, where they have the Kirlian photography machines that can snap your aura colors! If you do some research on your internet, you may find where one is available in your area. Sometimes psychics can also energetically pick up your colors without having to actually see you. One of our amazing psychics on line might be able to help: https://www.7thsensepsychics.com/psychics