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What Your Eye Color Says About Your Personality

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What Your Eye Color Says About Your Personality

The cliché saying that your eyes are the “window to your soul” actually is a very true statement. Your eyes always reflect your inner feelings of joy, happiness, compassion, patience, frustration, pain and anger. I am sure everyone at least once, has made a comment about someone’s eyes being so angry looking or on the flip side, having such happy and sparkly eyes. It is very difficult to hide what you are really feeling if someone is perceptive enough to read what your true story is from your eyes.

Our eye color is hereditary. You have your mother, father or grandparent’s eyes from your DNA coding. The color of your eyes compliments your face and also says a lot about your personality and how you deal with life.

A study done in Sweden, explored the connection between personality traits and iris characteristics. It suggests that people with different eye colors tend to develop distinctive personality traits based on eye colors. Here is some of the information this study came up with.

Black Or Dark Brown Eyes

The study suggests that people with dark eyes are typically mysterious and are natural born leaders who tend to be more agreeable than most. If you have dark eyes, you may also be better at certain sports that require accuracy and quick thinking (like tennis). The study also states that your ability to think fast is due to increased melanin in your iris, which allows connectors between your brain cells to communicate faster. People with dark eyes also tend to drink less alcohol than other people and you are most likely a natural born leader. People with eyes that are so dark brown, they sometimes appear black have one of the rarest eye colors.

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes, on the other hand, lack melanin and are typically very strong minded along with being physically strong. Pregnant women with light colored eyes (blue or green) actually can tolerate pain during childbirth better than women with dark colored eyes. The women in the study were also able to handle postpartum depression and anxiety better than other women. You possess great inner strength though many people may not see it. The report states that many people perceive people with blue eyes as being “competitive” and sometimes even “egotistical.”

Gray Eyes

Gray eyes are rare, but they are really just a variation of blue eyes. Think of gray eyes with a dimmer switch. If your eyes are this rare color, then you probably have a well-balanced personality. You usually have two opposite sides to your personality which you balance well. Having gray eyes means that you can switch from good to evil quite quickly. If your eyes are light gray, you are probably a very affectionate and caring person. You also may keep your guard up around new people and do not let others in easily. If you have dark gray eyes, you are either an exceptionally well-balanced person or possibly a little Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde situation going on inside of you. You can be different things to different people depending on whose needs are being met.

Hazel Eyes

People with hazel eyes are very different and unique. The mixture of brown and green in these types of eyes means that people with hazel eyes have personalities that tend to be all over the place. They are also very independent, extremely confident and spontaneous. The Eye Doctor Guide describes hazel eyes as appearing to change color from green to brown, or as an iris that has two different colors. Even the colors of hazel eyes and the specifics surrounding them are unique to each person who has hazel eyes.

Green Eyes

Green eyes are extremely rare and tend to have a charming way about them. Green-eyed people are typically more dominant and agreeable while being strong and cautious at the same time. If you have green eyes, you might be more of a creative person and are also able to do well under pressure. They are often unpredictable but slow to anger. It seems that most people view people with green eyes as alluring, sexy, and mysterious. It is the color most requested in color contacts to create that temporary effect with their eyes.

Susan Z’s Verdict

Whatever color eyes you were born with, the personality measure mentioned above, always has its exceptions. What was not mentioned were those unusual people who have huge irises and regardless of what color their eyes are, they just seem to have that magnificent, beautiful and open-eyed look about them all the time. As with everything, having those big beautiful eyes comes with the downside of everyone being mesmerized by them and you feeling very exposed at times, as they can’t seem to take their eyes off yours.

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Originally posted Apr 16, 2018 @ 11:00.

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