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What’s going on with Sheryl Crow?

sheryl crow

What’s going on with Sheryl Crow?

Has someone touched one of Sheryl Crow’s nerves? She recently spoke out about her friend Jennifer Aniston. Apparently, Jennifer is not a ‘dumpee.’ And by the way, neither is Sheryl. They have both had high-profile relationships that ended somewhat unceremoniously and they have both moved on. So why are we now bringing up the subject of not being dumped?
Yes, Sheryl you are quite right that no one knows what ‘really’ goes on in relationships and behind closed doors and maybe people should mind their own business! Sheryl’s former fiancé pro-cyclist Lance Armstrong won the ‘Tour de France’ for seven consecutive years from 1999 to 2005 and was the subject a drugs scandal. Sheryl and Lance were only together for about 3 years but it was long enough to cast a shadow around her. Lance appeared on the Oprah show to confess his wrong doings. The wife of Lance’s ex-team mate was quite vocal in expressing her opinion that Sheryl must have known about the drug taking.
So Ms Crow says she has engaged with the good, bad, tortured and confused and that all relationships are there to serve a purpose. Obviously there is an axe to grind but Sheryl does not wish to appear to be viewed as the person grinding said axe. The lady doth protest too much, methinks!
When someone is in the public eye, we are interested in aspects of their lives. Just like we were interested in Sheryl’s 20-plus years in the music industry. She didn’t have an axe to grind when people were buying 35 million of her records or supporting her through her Grammy-winning. Sheryl’s fans have also showed their interest and compassion through her health issues.
Sheryl clearly has a need to be heard. She would like to say her piece but have the negative attention it generates attributed to someone else. What’s going on with Sheryl Crow?

Véronique’s Verdict

So what is going on? Let’s see what the cards say. Sheryl drew The Moon, The Three of Swords and The Hermit. As an artiste, Sheryl is able to dig deep into her soul and find a way of drawing out raw emotions and turning them into her mini-masterpieces and she has achieved success in doing this.

The Moon can be associated with raw emotion and vulnerability. This card represents the darkness before the dawn. There is a sense that Sheryl has not dealt the turmoil of the past. She has previously said that she did not need closure when her engagement ended.
The Three of Swords reveals a sense of loss for Sheryl. Perhaps she felt at the time that there was no need for closure. There is an energy of self-pity and sorrow around this card. I feel that the pain from the past continues to be too difficult to deal with and she has chosen quite a passive way to deal with it. Making a friend into tabloid fodder, it diverts the attention from herself. Why should Sheryl be the only one hurting? Life will go on for her and the inner pain must be endured and dealt with in order to be released from the past.

The Hermit shows that Sheryl has an understanding of her inner turmoil. Her relationships are a reflection of her state of mind and so when she was drawn to individuals who were good, bad and confused, they were simply reflecting herself at the time. I feel that Sheryl will retain the wisdom of the past and be open to new ideas in the future. As she follows her inner light, another person will appear to assist on the next step of her life path. This is not a time for impulsive decisions but introspection and quiet contemplation. We hope that Sheryl finds what she seeks.

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