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When Is He Going to Call?

when is he going to call

When Is He Going to Call?

“What’s the question that client’s ask you the most?” asked a facilitator of a Facebook group for psychic advisers. One psychic responded, “Drum roll, please… when is he going to call?” That particular comment received a ton of likes and comments from the other psychics in the group.

Would you like to know why he hasn’t called you? These ten reasons may be why:

  1. He went back to his ex-girlfriend or wife.
  2. His partner discovered he was out on a date and deleted your contact information on his cell phone.
  3. He had a tragedy in his life: car accident, illness, death of a loved one, loss of job, or his home burned to the ground.
  4. He passed away.
  5. He’s away on business.
  6. His workload has been doubled.
  7. He’s taking care of his children or an aging parent.
  8. His new puppy training is taking up all of his time.
  9. He’s playing the field and found a woman he clicked with better.
  10. He’s not interested in you.

Better off without him

Ladies, if he was into you, the majority of those reasons would not matter; therefore, he would call you: to advise you of his recent tragedy, that he’s away on business or overwhelmed with his workload, how he’s taking care of his children or parent, or when his hyper puppy is sleeping. You’re are better off without him if he’s in a relationship or interested in another woman.

Then there are some men who believe in the three day rule, which is wait three days after a date to avoid appearing too anxious or desperate. What a bunch of BS, if you interested in a person let them know. If you don’t, someone else could swoop in during those three days and take your love interest out on the town. Another viewpoint of this silly rule is this man is so conformed by rules that he’s inflexible and unspontaneous. Who wants a man like that?

A follow up question that is usually asked after the “when question” is – should I call or text him. Sometimes all it takes is a phone call or text for him to respond; however, do NOT call or text more than twice. If you continue to call or text, you would appear needy and/or stalking. Allow him the choice of whether or not to call you.

Take your mind off it

Okay, so what do in the meantime of him not calling you? You could:

  • Go out on a date with another man.
  • Spend time with friends.
  • Meditate.
  • Journal.
  • Take a yoga class.
  • Work out at the gym.
  • Create or act on your life goals.
  • Visit family members.
  • Volunteer.

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Pamela’s Verdict

Please note, if he doesn’t call it might be disappointing, although it is allowing space for Mr. Right to appear in your life. You might be angry when he does finally call; nevertheless, grant him five minutes to explain why he hasn’t called in case it truly is a valid excuse. If it is a legitimate reason, let it go, while establishing boundaries that in order to be with you – he must make regular contact.

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