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Which deity should I work with?

Using tarot to find out which entity is reaching out to you

Have you ever wanted to start working with a deity but don’t know where to begin? Do you feel like there’s a higher presence reaching out to you? The energy is great and powerful, but it seems just out of your reach. How do you close the gap? While it may seem scary at first, many practitioners use tarot as a form of divination to communicate with their deity every day.

Here you’ll find tarot spreads to help identify which entity is calling out to you and which god or goddess would be most beneficial to your practice. But first, we’ll cover some simple precautions when diving into divination.

Protection when communicating with entities

Although it is a common practice, it’s best to use a few precautions when reaching out to unknown entities for the first time.

Some practitioners may cast a circle to protect themselves from all entities outside of the one they wish to contact or those that wish them harm. You may also burn protective herbs or wear an amulet of protection when interacting with spirits.

If your preferred protection method differs from these, then feel free to do what feels right to you!

Also, be sure to identify your entity! You may encounter some trickster spirits in your communications – not all entities are who they claim to be. Is it Loki you’re speaking to, or some other trickster spirit – and would one’s willingness to work with Loki make them more susceptible to such trickery?

Deity identification tarot spread

For this tarot reading, you will draw four cards. Focus on the following questions as you draw the cards, or modify them as you see fit. Once finished, take time to meditate on the cards and open yourself to any further messages or signs from your deity.

  1. Which deity is communicating with me?
  2. What is this entity’s message to me?
  3. What part of my life will this deity work with me to improve?
  4. How can I best serve this deity or incorporate them into my practice?

Deity compatibility tarot spread

If you don’t yet feel that an entity is reaching out to you, that’s okay! Use this modified version to see which entity would work best with your practice and beliefs and how you should approach them.

  1. Which deity most closely aligns with my practice?
  2. How would this entity guide me?
  3. What part of my life will this deity work with me to improve?
  4. How can I best approach this deity to earn their graces?

These tarot readings may work best with a Rider-Waite tarot deck or one with prominent visuals and symbolism to draw from. Look for symbols in the card imagery that may represent certain entities – for example, a card with cats may represent Freyja, but not necessarily, if your tarot deck has a lot of cats in it. Always look deeper. Freyja may instead show her presence with The Chariot. The Moon may represent a host of goddesses to choose from. Which are you most drawn to?

Can you ask yes or no questions with tarot cards?

You can ask your deity yes or no questions with tarot cards – just use reversals! If your card is right side up, this is generally accepted as a yes, while a reversal – a card drawn upside-down – indicates a no.

This answer may vary depending on the individual message of the card, so it’s important to always use your intuition. For example, when The Tower card appears right-side up, it may be an emphatic NO with an included warning. The Devil card reversed, on the other hand, may not be a definite YES, but a sign that you will need to break free from whatever is holding you back before it will happen.
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