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New Trend in the White House

New Trend in the White House

New Trend in the White House

New Trend in the White House. If one person says they won`t attend a public celebration, others believe their excuse. What happens, when more than 60 people do the same? For pretty much the same reasons. Coincidence? Boycott? Fate?

This won`t be the first time that the Inauguration takes place with people missing, it is still unique. People have doubted president-elects before, but not to this extent. True, there probably weren`t so many allegations against the chosen leader, either. Yet, a question remains: will this be the new trend?

Some congress members even asked their followers, whether they should attend or not. In most cases, the answer was no. Even those who will attend, thought it would be wise to explain their reasons. Especially since Trump`s `attack` on Rev. John Lewis on Sunday.

Shouldn`t that be the normal decision? To attend something of this grave importance? Or is this going to become a way to protest, when something doesn`t feel right? Is there anything that could change? As it stands now, there will be at least 66 democratic lawmakers skipping the event.

However, the possible effects of this `boycott` remain a mystery – at least till after Friday. The country seems to have been divided right at the beginning of the elections. Could it be that they are now brought together by a common goal? Either way, there is much more at stake then who will attend Trump`s inauguration on Friday. Trust, respect and a nation`s future.

Now let`s consult the cards to see what could be done to dissipate this chaos. Will the inauguration be a success, or one of the biggest failures of modern history?

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Five of Pentacles:
Although you have suffered a tremendous loss, there are still people who support you. You might not see it that way, being focused on what`s in front of you. You feel unwanted and rejected. Your spiritual development is lacking and this can lead to disappointment. There is a need to look deep within and decide what motivates you and why

King of Cups:
Although a storm is raging inside, nothing shows on the outside. You bear your `crowning` with ease, feeling triumphant and balanced. You ignore the negativity that surrounds you and focus on your inner desires. Be careful with your dealings with others, as this balance can be tipped very easily.

Seven of Pentacles (Reversed):
You need to stay focused on delivering what you have planned. Although you might need to reconsider some aspects, especially money-wise. Some investments pay off in the long-term, rather than soon. Prioritize and decide what needs your full attention right now. Are you on the right path? If something isn`t working, a new approach needs to be taken on.


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