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Who Do You See In The Mirror?


Who Do You See In The Mirror?

Mirrors have always been a friend or foe since the first time as an infant we see our reflection and think it is hilarious or it frightens the bejesus out of us. It then becomes a lifelong tool on how we see ourselves presented to the outside world.

Sometimes we are pleased with what we see but, in most cases, we usually have something critical to say about the image that is reflecting back. Whether it be a frivolous remark about how you don’t like the way your hair looks today to chastising yourself for being not what you want to be. It is the second part of scrutinizing that reflection that is the most important to your well being and feeling happy about yourself.

No person is born with a self-concept. Self-concept is believed to develop as a person grows old. This means that our perceptions towards ourselves can be shaped, altered and affected by environmental factors. If this is true, self-concept is actually a product of socialization and development which you can consciously change.

Spiritual 101 Mirror Work

There is an old Spiritual 101 feel good mirror work that was always recommended when the energy of self-hate or self-loathing was present in an individual. It was one of the toughest assignments to do for my clients to look directly in the mirror at their own reflection and make the statement of how much they love themselves, are loved by the universe or just plain saying how awesome they are.

When they say the eyes are the windows of the soul, it is not just a flippant metaphysical woo woo saying. It is the absolute truth! To be able to look at your reflection and actually be truthful of how you are feeling about yourself and your life is a difficult action.

Taking a metaphysical approach to how you see yourself would be the question of, “how do you think the universe or God sees you.” The answer to that would be that you are in absolute perfection, flaws and all. It is most likely that we will never in our lifetime achieve accepting ourselves in absolute perfection but how about just accepting the fact that you have the incredible power to see yourself in anyway you choose to. Now that is power!

4 Tips For Mirror Real Talk

Here are some mirror tips to use when you decide you want to have a conversation with those soul eyes you are looking into.

  1. Get rid of the idea that you must be loved or approved by virtually every other person in your life to feel good about yourself. Your opinion of yourself is the only one that matters. Match it up with how the universe created you, perfect even with all the flaws and then get rid of your definition of what perfect is.
  2. Your past history does not determine your present behavior. Just because something once strongly affected your life, do not give it the power to continue to do so.
  3. Pitch out the idea that you have to be thoroughly competent, adequate, and achieving in all possible respects in order to consider yourself worthy of having value or being loved. We all make mistakes, maybe more than once, but that is all they are, mistakes or misperceived choices.
  4. Identify the negative roadblocks in your thought process about you. When a negative thought creeps in about yourself, tell your ego to “SHUT UP.’ Then replace them with a positive phrase. Do a lot of “Fake It Till You Make It” statements about yourself and your life until they start feeling like the truth.

Susan Z’s Verdict

Take the time to have a real conversation with yourself in the mirror. That person who is staring back at you is anything you believe it to be. On the physical level, there is only just so much we are gifted with but what has the real value, strength and power is what is reflected back through your soul eyes and what you feel inside about that person looking back at you. If you don’t like what you see or feel when you look deep, then begin a process of consciously changing what you think and feel about yourself.

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