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Why is there a police shortage in America?

why is there a police shortage in America?

Why is there a police shortage in America?

While before people would ‘die’ to become a police officer, times have changed. Today, you can barely spot a cop or two in smaller cities and towns. What seemed to be a heroic and sought after job, became scarce and undesirable, to say the least. True, it is dangerous, but not necessarily more so than many years ago. Yet, somehow, it lost most of its appeal. But why?

The fact that the job market expanded could have something to do with it. There were 2.24 million new jobs added in 2016 across the United States. Although this meant less people were facing unemployment, it didn’t help fill the existing opportunities.

Why would people become police officers in the modern day? The job is still risky, it doesn’t pay well and you would work long shifts, being alert at all times. The recruiting process is long and requires a lot of skills, not to mention stamina. Last year’s tragic events that lead to many police officers’ deaths take out of the equation, too.

People need to know they can sit back, knowing they will be looked after in case of trouble. What happens when everybody just sits back, waiting for someone else to do the job? Sooner or later, we will run out of ‘someone elses’.

What does this mean for citizens? Response times start getting longer, and there is a higher risk of the officers not arriving on time. Less backup, less safety. Then again, this could ‘easily’ change. Despite everything, some claim that the adrenaline rush while ‘in action’ is enough to make one apply regardless. Others are in it for the greater good.

Keeping the country safe has never been as important as it is today. Those who still apply feel a ‘calling’, they don’t look at being a cop as simply doing a job. They shouldn’t, as it is much more than that. The more people choose this lifepath, the ‘easier’ that path becomes.

We can only hope that the situation will change for the better and soon. In the meantime, let’s consult the cards to see what else could be done.

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

Two of Swords:
One’s carrier choice is one of the major decisions in one’s life. It isn’t easy, but at the same time a necessary choice everyone needs to make. There are of course always pros and cons when one is considering a new path. At the end of the day, everyone needs to decide for themselves.

The Magician:
We have all the resources available to us in order to change the situation. If you are thinking about becoming a cop though, it will take dedication. A creative use of those resources.

Two of Cups:
Those who become police officers, become one with their chosen path. They live to serve justice, and to protect others. So, if you feel that ‘calling’, go for it.


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